5 Ideas to Create Highly Effective Website Design

The field of website design, being a creative field, is ever-evolving and the trends in this field continue to change with time. The web designers have to keep themselves updated in terms of the latest trends and the standards in web designing in order to create a website that is not just visually appealing, but also engages the visitors and compels them to perform an action.

While quality and value of the content is of utmost importance, you need to incorporate these ideas in order to make the content more attractive to the visitors.

  • Graphic Design for an Excellent First Impression:

    It takes a user just a few seconds to decide whether to proceed with a website or not. Therefore, it is important to take all the measures to make the website impressive enough within the first few seconds when the user visits the website. Graphic design should be such that the website stands apart from the rest. The web designer should use a creative layout and concept to capture the initial attention of the users. Making a balanced used of images and animation in the web design to present information about the company and its products can make it look more interactive and engage the visitors and compel them to explore the site further.
  • Website Readability:

    The fonts and spacing on the pages of the website are very crucial in making the content more readable. The web designer should not shy away from using white space on the web pages as makes the site look clean and the content more readable. Thus, in the website design you should avoid cluttering the web page with too many images, too much content and advertisements.
  • Call to Action Button:

    You create a website in order to engage the visitors and convert them into customers. This is possible only if you have enough options to help them perform action. Using call-to-action buttons such as ‘Read More,’ ‘Call Us Now’ and ‘Click Here to Get Free Trial.’ These buttons allow the visitors to establish contact with the company without thinking twice. If the contact information is the last thing you provide to the visitors they might forget or avoid making efforts in calling you. By placing such buttons on each page, the visitors would not take long to start the interaction process.
  • Avoid Distractive Elements:

    Using too many things within limited space may distract the attention of the visitors from the core message of the website. Therefore, the web designer should make sure that elements such as excessive Flash, animation, auto-loading sound or blinking text should be avoided. These elements often irritate the visitors and they are forced to leave the website even before performing an action.
  • Keep the Website Updated:

    Static websites cannot achieve results in the long term. It is very important to keep updating the website with new information, images and data in order to keep the web design current. By doing so more web users will be directed to your website as it will rank highly on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Web design should be simple yet interactive and engaging. By incorporating visually appealing graphic design, balanced use of white space, call to action buttons, staying away from distractive elements and keeping the website up-to-date, you can be assured of higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

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