5 Important concepts of web development

Web development is not an easy task as it is perceived to be. Many of the business owners believe that once the website designing task is entrusted to the web service providing organisation their job is over. It is not like that, rather web development concepts are of complex nature and there are many disciplines involved in it: Starting from research, need analysis, design and development, writing, marketing, promotion etc.  Website development means hard tasks. It is not only about money but also about time, space, energy, determination to be successful.

Website development stems from the desire to register the internet presence. Good designs are not only important to register strong online presence rather marketing, promotion and quality website content also holds importance.

  • Step 1: Need Analysis
    So, if you are considering an idea of website development or web application development suited for the Internet, then conducting need analysis is important. Simply jumping into the race will not bring any desired results rather it will be wastage of resources and time. So first find out whether your website or web application or your product or service has any takers in the market. Search engines and web directories are good places to gain idea about similar markets. Even if you don’t have an idea for website development or application development then it is better to find out utmost need or urgency or dissatisfaction among group of people who are willing to spend money to solve their problems. Visiting forums, surveys or discussion boards will help you to identify your niche. Interactions between forum members will help you to identify the need and decide upon the solution.
  • Step 2: Create an appropriate USP
    Create an impressive USP, which will convey the message about your purpose of existence. This USP should be unique aspect of your web development or Web application development initiative which differentiates you from clutter of services (who have already registered their web presence) which works on same lines. It should make the web visitor think why only you? A detailed marketing segmentation approach will help you to identify your customers, their interests, their demography, their requirements and how you can make your services accessible to them. Many may discard this step by thinking that simply starting design rich website development initiative will solve their problem, although it may solve part problem. But if your customers can’t reach out to you then there is no business. So this is the most crucial aspect of business management. Identify your target audience and create an impressive USP to address them.
  • Step 3: Start building your website
    It sounds so easy, but it is not that easy to when you start website development or website application development as per requirement. Decide upon the precision, content and other marketing techniques like sales letters, technical language (Java, CGI, etc.), articles, blogs, newsletters, get references and try to gather customer testimonials. Automation will help you to ease out the process and gives you more time to develop yourselves in next steps.
  • Step 4: Divert traffic to your website or website application
    Even well planned web development project fails to create impact if it fails to attract customer attention. So in order to start promoting your website approach the search engines or directories. The web algorithms of these web search engines always change but still it is worthwhile to drive the traffic. Press releases, blogs, articles, forums, banners, advertisements are nice way of attracting the web traffic. Select your promotion platforms with utmost care so as to drive the traffic to your web application or website.
  • Step 5: Test your ideas before launching it
    It is not necessary that all your ideas will earn you valuable marketing dollars. So before thinking of seriously going online it is always better to cross check your ideas. Whether they work the way you planned. How you can improve it to add effectiveness? Try various permutations and combinations to develop most selling marketing strategy. If the final conclusion accounts that particular marketing strategy works for you then move on to market next product.
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