Pop - Under Windows: Why is it preferred over pop up windows?

Pop – Under Windows are the latest trends in the world of online marketing. Pop – Under Windows have introduced the non – intrusive trend in online marketing. Pop-Under windows are also one of the most preferred trends in Application Development. It is very interesting to note that during web application development most of the webmasters favor for pop – under windows than pop - up windows because of their non – intrusiveness and effectiveness.

Today internet is full with several examples of ads carrying pop under windows. These windows are chosen during application development with the advertising objective. It was found that these windows have high conversion rates than the pop up windows.

Pop - Under Windows are named so because they are developed as such that they load very quietly under your web page and don’t interfere with the visibility of the web visitor. These web visitors don't notice these Pop - Under Windows unless they have finished with their browsing. Pop - Under Windows are programmed so during application development that they don’t hinder the view and main purpose of visitors purpose of visiting the website.

Pop - Under Windows are judged to be effective due to their timing. Most of the web visitors get annoyed with the big banner ads that pop up as soon as the visitor enters into the site, so they choose to leave the site. It is where the role of Pop - Under windows becomes more effective because they allow the surfer to explore the purpose of the site. Once the surfer is through the site then only these windows open up promoting what you have to offer to your customer.

The Pop – Under Windows are given prime importance during web application development because they present best alternative to online marketers against the declining effectiveness of banner ads. The other major reason of preferring Pop – Under Windows over Pop up windows during application development is that these pop ups don’t take time to load and are completely downloaded by the time the web visitor closes the window.

These Pop – Under Windows can bring you lots of results if they are targeted properly. Most of the time it is also noted that some webmasters arrange the homepage to appear from Pop – Under Window during application development. This is sheer wastage of money because most of the times the visitor will choose to move away from the web page if you don’t have anything meaty to offer them. So in order to attract converting traffic it is important to include special offer page during web development which delivers an ultimate buying experience to the user.

Tips to maximise your benefits using Pop – Under Windows:

  • Don’t over stuff your pages with Pop – Under Windows
  • Always provide options for the visitors to opt out of the window as soon as they are finished with it
  • Ensure your Pop – Under Window size is larger so that all the desired information is displayed properly.
  • Try to include a script during application development which utilises the cookies so that it becomes easier for you to control how often your windows will pop up each time a visitor enters into the webpage
  • In order to increase the visitors response rate : Include catchy headline, large font size in heading, highlight most important details of headlines, offer incentives to increase the response rate, only include the information which is most important from the customers point of view.
  • Persuade the surfer to reach out to you.
So use the Pop – Under windows tactfully to attract traffic.
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