Call-to-Action Techniques to Improve Web Design Usability


A beautiful and functional web design is useless if the visitor is unable to take a positive action on it. This happens often as website designers forget to use call to action buttons on each and every web page of the site. In order to enhance the usability of the website design, incorporating effective call to action techniques is imperative.

Call-to-action is a marketing strategy used in web design that directs the visitors to take the next step towards purchasing a product or service. This strategy allows visitors to be reactive and they end up doing more than reading the content and watching the images.

While considering using call to action in your website design, it is important to ensure that the content, location of the button and its usage is appropriate for enticing interest among the visitors and compelling them to undertake a positive action.

Given below are some of the techniques that can help you create effective call-to-action buttons for your website:

  • free-consultation
    “FREE” service- Every individual gets attracted when a ‘FREE’ service is offered by the website. Free gifts encourage visitors to try the service and give an opportunity to the business to offer something they can’t refuse or ignore. The free gifts can be in the form of consultation, discounts or gift vouchers.
  • Use bold colours- While you must have used subtle colours in your website design, call to action buttons should be in bold colours that instantly catch the attention of the visitors. Site visitors do not read the entire text, they only scan through it. So the call to action button should be easily found and colours like red, yellow or other bright colours should be used as they can have the desired effect.

  • money-back
    Moneyback guarantees- Another technique that compels the visitors to purchase your products/services is the money back guarantee. This strategy is highly useful in building trust among the potential customers about the credibility of the product/service, especially when there is some risk associated with it.

  • offer-a-deadline
    Offer a deadline- Sometimes, even when the customers are interested in your offering, they delay the purchase process for various reasons, and due to the delay they sometimes change their mind about buying it. To prevent such circumstances, a call to action button that states a deadline for the offering compels the interested visitors to make purchase within the specified time. You can offer discounts or special offers for purchases before a specified date as a deadline.
  • Prominent location- The placement of the call-to-action box is also important in achieving the best results in the web design. The designer should place them on every page of the website, mostly on the top or mid of the page. The font of the call-to-action message should ideally be bigger than that of the rest of the text on the page. This makes the CTA stand out prominently on the page.
  • Sense of urgency- Using active language such as “Call Now”, “Buy Now” or “Contact Us Now” set a tone of urgency, suggesting the visitor that the longer they wait to take action, the higher would be the chances of missing a golden opportunity.

Many websites designed in Sydney and abroad are now incorporating these strategies to maximise the reach of the site.

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