Things to consider before you change your web design

The average life of a website is 3 years (while some website designers may argue that it is 2 years). But the point is that with advancement in web technologies, web designers must keep themselves abreast with latest developments in website design

Due to the constant improvements in website design tools, your web design would become obsolete and outdated if not updated on a regular basis. You may also begin to feel that your web design doesn’t suit your purpose and thus requires a new design.

Before you embark on a new Website Design, you should make sure that you:

  • Consider the impact of a new website design: A new web design may affect the way your website performs. It can increase or decrease the traffic flow and the business developed through your website. A new website design may make it easier for users to navigate through your website or some users may struggle to find information on your website. Make sure that all information is easily accessible in the new website design.

  • Employ a Competent Website designer: In order to overcome the limitations of a poor web design and to transform it into a profit-making part of your business, it is important to hire a competent website design. You have to ensure that the website developer or web designer you select is well-informed about the latest trends in website design. You want to make sure that your new web design will remain modern and exciting for some time. Website development can be an expensive process and requires careful considerations. So a professional web designer would ensure that he provides you with a cost-effective web solution.

  • Avoid changing the website’s URL: As you develop content for your new website design, make sure that the URL of your website doesn’t change too much. Chances are that many people may have bookmarked particular pages on your website and may end up visiting a broken link if they use those bookmarks. Try and keep the URLs uniform in your website design. This is also important for Search Engine Optimisation as many of your URLs may have established a good search engine ranking over time and you will lose that advantage if you change the URL.

  • Consider the advantages of Database driven systems: It is worthwhile to consider application development for your website at the time of web design (or web development). Website application development can provide additional advantages to your website visitors. You can use web application to track your sales leads, provide e-commerce service and maintain your website using Content Management Systems.

In a nutshell, website redesign is an option to transform your non-performing website into a 24x7 sales machine. If your current website is not drawing enough visitors on a daily basis, has high bounce rate and low conversion rate, it’s time to consider redoing your website design and implementing advanced technologies to give it a superior performance.

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