Common Mistakes that Can Prevent You from Achieving Success in SEO

Search engine optimisation is a quintessential process that determines the visibility of a website on the Internet. However, this is one process that cannot be completely mastered because there are so many updates being made by search engines, especially Google. The PageRank algorithms remain hidden and keep changing, which gives way to many misconceptions and confusions. As a corollary to this, you and your SEO team fail to achieve the desired results despite working so hard.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that the search engine optimisers commit while working on the site visibility and ranking on search engines-

  • Implementing standard techniques in all SEO projects- Search engine optimisation is one process that cannot have a common approach for all kinds of websites. Each site has its own ranking and visibility issues and following a standard methodology for all of them would be a waste of time, energy and money. The search engine optimisers must offer custom SEO solutions for each project that they handle.
  • Following intense measures to achieve SEO success and ignoring business objectives- There are many search engine optimisers who believe that nonstop SEO efforts would take any website on top of the SERPs. They are the ones who would work day in and day out on implementing every possible SEO strategy to promote the website. They ignore the actual business objectives of the client and work intensely on performing SEO.
  • Considering SEO as a solo process for online success and not collaborating with design & development team- Search engine optimisers who do not work in coordination with the web design and development team often fail to accomplish complete success in their projects. Lack of communication between these teams can lead to poor user experience on the site and low SERP ranking.
  • Communication gap with the marketing team- Another department that the SEOs must stay in touch with is the marketing department. Lack of communication with the marketing folks can turn your SEO project topsy-turvy, leaving you behind to make amends later. It is important for you to make them understand the significance of keywords, instead of just the band names, in their online marketing efforts.
  • Working on a website when its designing is done- This is another common mistake often done by SEOs and web designers. SEO and web design should go hand-in-hand. If you think that you can make any website search engine-friendly, you are right. But that can cost you a fortune. The best thing to do is to work out the SEO factors while the web design process is going on.
  • Not integrating social media with SEO- Social media is a new platform for marketing enthusiasts to promote businesses cost-effectively. It is a vital part of online marketing, and when you integrate social media with your SEO efforts, you can witness significant improvement in your site’s page rank.
  • Ignoring content quality- This mistake can also spoil all the hard work you did on optimising the site, building links, and other SEO activities. If the website you are working on has duplicate or low quality content, Google as well as the users would abandon the site no matter how much efforts you put in.
  • Not implementing off-page SEO- While on-page SEO is necessary for gaining credibility for your business in front of search engines, off-page SEO is necessary to ensure top ranking on the SERPs. Through link building and other off-page optimisation techniques, you can achieve holistic success in search engine optimisation.
  • Not keeping oneself updated about the latest developments in SEO- Those who have been in the industry for a while, know that SEO is an ever-evolving domain and those who do not keep themselves updated on the latest advancements, may end making efforts that do not yield positive results.
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