Common Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

WEb Design Mistakes

Web designers make mistakes of all kinds during the process of website design, but there are some mistakes that can be suicidal for your website. In Sydney, you can find several website designers who claim to create websites that can be magical for your business sales. However, for a website to really work for your business, you have to avoid overdoing the design and rather keep it simple, yet attractive to the online visitors.

Using design elements that keep the visitors from getting to the sale is a disaster in the making and if you are a website designer or owner you must avoid these mistakes that make your website as a repellent for the visitors.

  • Mistake 1: Too much or too little content- It is not just for the sake of saying that content is the king. It actually is! A website design, no matter how good in terms of technology, is bound to fail if it lacks required information about the company, its products/services, its portfolio and clients. If you add too much information, the visitor might just get bored and if there is too little information, the visitor would look for another website that provides the information he is looking for.
  • Mistake 2: Puzzling Navigation- You may be well-versed with your website, but your visitor cannot read your mind. You must lay out the navigation plan in a clear manner so that the visitor knows where he is, where he can go next, how he can come back to the previous page and where is the Home page. So avoid the confusing links and present your web design in a manner which is user-friendly and does not give the visitors the feeling of being lost.
  • Mistake 3: Overuse of Flash- Most graphic designerslove using Flash. It sure adds life to a web page but it also slows down its load speed. So keep the use of Flash to the minimal.
  • Mistake 4: Opening New Browser Windows from the Website- Keeping the website design simple is the core of it and the web designer should not be too pushy with the design as that can go against the website. If your website is good enough, the visitors will hit the back button anyway; so do not use target=_blank, even for external links. Let the visitors decide which web page or link they want to visit.
  • Mistake 5: Too Much Animation, colours and Images- Your visitor has not come to your site to see animated images or a picture gallery. He is there to get information about you, your company, your products and services and other related details. So you must use animation and images in places where they are necessary and not just because they make the page look attractive. Also choose a colour scheme that goes well with your brand image. For some websites, bright, vibrant colours work in their favour and for some those colours just make the sites look gaudy. It is important to choose the images, colours and animations carefully.
  • Mistake 6: Absence of Contact Details- If you have created an attractive website with all the relevant information that can compel the visitor to make a sale, it’s a MUST to have contact details. In the absence of contact details you surely would lose some potential customers, who could have enhanced your customer base, had those contact details been in place.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you can see positive results from the very first day the site is launched.

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