Communication Your Graphic Design Ideas

As a consumer of graphic design services it’s important to understand the best way to convey your ideas and thoughts to the designer. Most graphic designers require as much detail as possible when conveying your ideas so they can ensure they meet your requirements.

Unfortunately most people don’t take the time required to plan and articulate their ideas for graphic design. Here are a few tips on ensuring you get your design ideas from idea to communication:

Graphic Design Idea #1: Wire Frame

There are many free tools available now that will allow you to do a basic wire frame of your graphic design. For example if you are looking for a logo design

you can layout the basic sections of your logo so your designer can visually see your idea. This is a very popular way of brainstorming your graphic design considering that designers are visual people

Graphic Design Idea #2: Word Association

This may sound basic but it is essential in ensuring your graphic design achieves your outcomes. Basically what you need to do is right down in single words what you want your design to emote. For example if I had a health business I might say, friendly, trustworthy and honest to start with. By doing this your designer gets an idea on what you are trying to achieve with your design element.

Graphic Design Idea #3: Examples

Spend some time looking for examples that you like and make sure you actually identify what you like about the examples. By showing your designer what you are looking for you can visually guide them down the right path. A very simple way of finding examples is keeping copies of graphic design elements that you like so you can use later on.

By using these three ideas you will be able to effectively communicate with your designer what you are looking for from your Graphic Design. Ultimately the end result you get in your design comes down to how effective you are in communicating initially.

As long as you choose a designer with skills and experience they should product a product you are happy with but if they don’t you need to check the information you gave them. One of the major issues most graphic designers have is the limited information provided by the client.

Make sure you take a reasonable time to sit down and completely brainstorm what you design from your graphic design and you will get a great result!

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