Creative Food Art Ideas That Can Be Used in Websites

Food art is one of the most creative and surprising ways of expressing simple ideas in the most unique manner. Such art helps in attracting the attention of the viewers not towards the food itself but the message that it wants to deliver. Using food for depicting non-food items is often fascinating to look and can be used as a powerful way of holding the attention of the visitors.

While food art is primarily meant for entertainment, web designers and graphic designers can also take inspiration from it. The designers can take help of food artists, who have the proficiency in turning a plain looking food item into a visually appealing landscape or any other non-living item. One of the renowned food artists who has created awe-inspiring food art is Carl Warner*. With years of experience, Warner has created several art pieces using sets of edible material arranged together on an edible surface in the most imaginative manner.

For instance, the website of a restaurant, supermarket or even non-food related website can use these food art in their website design

They generate curiosity among the visitors and make them stay on the site. Such images, if supported with informative content, can have maximum effect in developing the interest among the visitors about your brand.

Many web designers have incorporated such food art ideas into their website; you too can take inspiration from the below presented images of innovative food art created by Warner.

You can visit the website,, to see more of Warner’s artworks. You can also visit Lenswall London to buy Carl Warner’s prints online.

All images displayed below are under copyright by Carl Warner.

Such images can make one wonder about the reach of an artist’s imagination and vision. Using them for your sites can add credibility to your brand image and bolster your business better.

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