Criteria to Evaluate a Search Engine Optimisation Service Provider

If your business is having trouble capturing leads on the Internet and struggling to find customers for your products and services, then it might be time to consider hiring a Search engine optimisation or Search Engine Marketing service provider. A service provider that specialises in both areas of expertise, of course, would be ideal.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engines use any number of off- and on-page analysis techniques. Plus, the algorithms search engines use to rank websites change all the time. If your website isn't already effective at driving new clients and customers to your door, it may not be optimised for the current search engine rules. If it was effective once but that surge of activity has slowly decreased, you may need to make some changes to get your site working – and ranking – well again.

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a form of Internet marketing that promotes website by increasing their visibility to search engines. Different from SEO and hand-in-hand with it as well, SEM looks at more than simple keyword content and placement. It examines anchor text, external link popularity, the diversity of link resources, and more.

When you decide to hire search engine marketing or Search engine optimisation service provider, you have a number of things you are looking to achieve. First, you want to know that the content, digital and otherwise, your teams are producing is properly optimised to be found by those searching for it and properly worded to aid the marketing efforts as a whole.

There are five areas identified as important for a successful search engine optimisation campaign:

  • Needs analysis.

    This means the ability to evaluate the unique needs of their clients and how that information should be used to identify the SEO needs of the client.
  • Keyword analysis.

    This means understanding the effective keywords for the target audience and choosing the most effective keywords to target.
  • On-page optimisation efforts.

    This means having a clear understanding of how search engines rank sites so that the content on those pages is properly optimised to be found by those searching for it.
  • Off-page optimisation work.

    This means ensuring that the on-page optimisation is boosted by off-page keywords through link building, advertising campaigns, and press releases and more – all pointing back to optimised website pages.
  • Real reporting methods.

    This means ensuring the service provider regularly delivers clear reporting that is valuable to their client including suggestions for what changes to make going forward.

There are a number of techniques that are necessary for smart search engine marketing campaigns, including:

  • Building brand awareness through exposure of your brand to yours target audience.
  • Building website traffic by drawing users through the smart use of PPC
  • Positioning your company's services and products in a way that makes them stand in contrast to the competition
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