Using Flash in Website Design

Flash appears to be an attractive feature in a website design and almost all web designers use it to improve the look and feel of their website. There are no two ways about the fact that Flash, if used properly on a website design, is a great way to enhance the visual experience of your site visitors and providing them quick preview of your products and services.

Some good uses of Flash on a website (without it allowing to overpower your website design or the look and the feel) are:

  • A Flash Menu: Flash menus are a good way to develop a website design that looks modern without making your website too heavy to load. By combining the Flash menu with HTML links, you can make your website search engine friendly.
  • A Flash Banner: A lot of websites use flash in the banner of the websites. If a flash banner is created properly it can really be useful to showcase your products and services to your visitors. You can impress your potential customers by using Flash banners and visually communicate about your products and services. However, the success of a Flash banner lies entirely on its design. Sometimes the website designers end up creating banners that actually work against the business. Every element of the site should reflect its business, and same applies to the banner.
  • A Flash Presentation: If you are looking to provide a presentation through your website, the best option is to incorporate a flash presentation. The biggest reason for using Flash is that it’s always smaller (if designed properly) in size than a PowerPoint. Yet a Flash presentation can decline the load speed of the website, so you must use it carefully.

In conclusion, Flash is a great tool but it should be used moderation in your Web Design. Consider Flash if it is going to add any value to your business and your website. Discuss this carefully with your website designer and check if others in your industry have used Flash and how successful it has been for them.

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