Google's Latest Glitch: Title Mismatch in Search Results

The recent discovery of Google’s title mismatch involving PC World UK has intrigued as well as annoyed many people, who rely heavily on this search engine. This glitch has raised a question about the way Google matches the title in the search results. Though this problem is being reported now, many people, who have been involved in search engine optimisation (SEO) activities, have witnessed this issue before as well.

In search engine optimisation, a malfunctioned title can often yield disappointing results for a particular business despite all the positive measures taken by the SEO team. Focusing on this latest issue where ‘Mothercare’ is used as a title for the search query of “PC World Teesside Park,” probably because of an error in their citation sources. Moreover, on searching for “Mothercare Teesside Park,” the results are same. Both the search queries lead to a Google Maps page where same address, telephone number and other details are displayed.

A probable reason for this title mismatch is Google’s reliance on the citation sources. The link of PC World on wrongfully has Mothercare used for the business of PC World. Thus, Google took the mistake done by Wowcity a step further and led to the proliferation of the error.

Similar issue was faced by several other businesses including Sigma Infotech.  However, the search engine optimisation team of Sigma Infotech rectified the problem by making a few amendments in the title and the citation source.

Probably, it’s time Google worked on rectifying such errors and ensuring that such mistakes don’t happen again.

Article Source: SE Roundtable

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