Google's +1 Button Influences Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one the major ways of generating traffic to a website and the recent release of Google’s + 1 button is predicted to influence search results and traffic.

Generally to rank well on Google your website needs to have good Website Optimisation and quality backlinks. But with the recent introduction of Google’s + 1 Button it appears that SEO can now be influenced by users votes. While it is not completely clear right now what kind of effect the button will have on results Google has stated it will have an influence.

What Is Google’s + 1 Button?

Very simple put this is Google’s attempt to rival Facebook’s like button by allowing users to vote for or recommend a website as being relevant for a related keyword. The most basic application of this button is a website owner integrates it with their website and when a user clicks it their personal search results will not be modified, as will the results of people they are connected with through their google account.

How Does This Affect Search Engine Optimisation?

For those of you looking for the major affect to SEO unfortunately right now we can only provide speculation. As with most Google services no real details have been released on how the +1 Button will influence SEO generally.

Obviously it will affect personal search results and connected Google accounts quite significantly but the affect on general search is still to be measured. Google’s main aim is to deliver relevant search results for keywords so it would make perfect sense for them to use the +1 button data to modify their results.

Most Website Optimisation and SEO commentators suggest that a site with more +1 Button votes will rank higher as long as it also fits other Search Engine Optimisation principles.

Spammers are watching this development closely as it could possible open up an avenue for them to manipulate search results quite simply. With that said though, the developers at Google are generally one step ahead and I would suggest a very strong filtering system is already installed.

Google’s +1 Button’s Future

In the near future Google will be integrating analytics reporting to show website owners the impact of the +1 Button. Specifically reporting will show what regions are originating clicks on the button, what pages the clicks are originating from and demographics data.

This kind of data will enable website owners to effectively use the +1 Button to increase SEO value of pages and also track and measure their results.

As you can see the Google +1 Button launch has raised more questions about SEO and Website Optimisation and adds yet another element to the process. Keep an eye out for more details as we uncover them!

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