Graphic design: How to make effective promotional materials?

Promotional materials like business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, posters are lively elements of graphic design that can register awareness about your business venture. Every time any client or customer uses your promotional item this adds awareness and meaning to your existence. Creating these promotional products will help you to gain desired results which you have been aiming for the success of your business.

Promotional material which attracts the public attention is the one which strikes a balance between best graphic design and brilliant marketing idea. Impacting visual dynamics created by graphic designer will help you to get noticed in the competitive world.

Tips to create effective promotional materials by your graphic design:

  • Apply the AIDCA principle :
    A – Attention: Use most attention seeking message
    I –Interest: Generate interest in reader: Highlight what you have to offer
    D – Desire: Try to answer how your product will benefit the user
    C – Conviction : Conviction will add believability to your marketing effort
    A – Action: This step naturally follows from the success of above 4 steps

    An average graphic design element with strong marketing message can sell more than the outstanding graphic design with weak marketing message.
  • Promote some free offers or gifts in order to increase the customer response. These can be highlighted with the help of some special features in graphic design like star bursts or some roll over images or some unusual graphics.
  • Don’t overstuff the buzz words: Try to keep the content sweet and short. Over stuffing of the buzz words will clutter the content, thus generating the feeling of uneasiness within the reader. Also the main points can be highlighted with the help of some interesting graphic design techniques like banners, so that it becomes easy for customer to gain required information easily. Content and graphic presentation skill is very important here.
  • Add testimonial: Product testimonials are the best way of convincing people to buy your products. Instead of displaying plain testimonials you can use images of the customers or employ some other graphic design technique to add believability to your images.
  • List your products and services: Make it easy for the user to understand what all services you have to offer other than the current one. You can use bullet points to highlight your products and services. 

Simply the canned marketing talks will not do any wonders to your business but it should be supported by strong pillar of graphic design. Graphic designers should put their creative edge to generate the selling experience.

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