Graphic designing vs. Web designing

Do you feel the concepts of graphic design and web design point towards the same objective?

At first they may seem to be having similarities whereas in reality there are more differences than similarities.  For many of the designers understanding the difference between graphic design and web design is like a roller coaster ride because most of them believe that the graphic design and web design are one and the same.

There are always risks involved when one switches from graphic design to web design because now the designing is no more confined to just paper and inches rather it is now in terms of pixels and screen sizes.

Here are some points of difference which separates the intervening concepts of graphic design and website design from one another:

  • Interactivity:  Have you ever expected any response after clicking on business card or brochure or poster? The answer will be no.

    Interactivity is the main point of difference that separates web design and graphic design. The visitors can expect to get their answers at the click of mouse. They have more discretion to leave or enter the web page as per their choice.  A well developed website can add a lot to your marketing efforts.

  • Accessibility: The best piece of graphic design may not be accessible worldwide. Whereas a well developed website is accessible to everyone around the world.  So accessibility is another main point of difference which separates the graphic design from web design.
  • Easy updating: The design which is created by a graphic designer as art becomes immortal in time and there is no chance of updating it. But websites cannot be static with changing times. Owning a static and out of date website is like owning wall without roof.  So it becomes relatively easy to update a website than updating a graphic design on paper.
  • Search engines visibility: A good design becomes relevant in only time and space. Whereas the good website is accessible by everyone by the power of internet due to search engines. The website can owe its global marketing appeal to the power of internet and search engine.
  • Medium of expression: Web designer’s medium of expression is basically limited to website whereas the graphic designer has choice to experiment with all offline medium of expressions like posters, banners, billboards, business cards, or any other medium of offline marketing.

Graphic designers, when they decide to go online may only focus on the look and feel of the website, whereas the web designer controls the designing and working aspects of a website.

A web designer can be a good graphic designer too, but a good graphic designer need not be a good web designer.

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