How Does Google's Cache Improve Your Website's User Experience?

Google cache is a snapshot that Google takes of a website when it last spidered it. It is a copy of the web page that may not necessarily be the current web page. There are some websites that do not prefer their content to be cached by search engines, and that is why they apply the following code <meta name=”robots” content=”noarchive”> to remove the cache.

While businesses may not initially realise the benefits of Google’s cache, it actually can play a huge role in ensuring pleasant user experience. In the absence of the cached version of your website, users may find it difficult to know more about your products and services and what your business is all about when the load speed of the site is low. Had there been a cached version, the users could have been able to get an idea about your business and taken note of it.

Google cache acts as a backup for your website in scenario where your web page may not load properly. Thus, it plays a crucial role in retaining interest of your prospects and existing customers in your brand, when your website fails to provide the desired information due to low load speed.

It is advisable that website owners get their most important web pages cached by Google so that when your server or website is down, users can take note of your site’s URL and come back in future.

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