How to Take Over Your Competitors Through a Targeted Website?

Have you ever wondered why your competitor websites attract more traffic than yours and perform better? The reason is that your competitors’ websites are more focused and targeted in nature than your website.  Targeted website is the most crucial part of day to day business dealings for an online businessman. These businessmen understand the importance of targeted traffic better than others.

If you want to ensure that your website gets its due credit and manages to overtake your competitor sites, you must consider these important working aspects of a targeted website:

Website strategy: First step towards website design is outlining a clear strategy for your website design project. Identify the purpose and objective of your website. The objectives of the website should be synergetic with the industry you are focusing on. Always put yourself into the customer’s shoes to understand what their requirements would be and how you can fulfil them. The more focused and targeted your website, higher would be the chances of your visitors returning to you again and again and taking a positive action on the site. You need to focus on adding a competitive edge in your web design approach.

Content is indeed the king: Content is the most important element of any website design,and no matter how good the design is, it is incomplete without a high quality content. Designs can only capture the visitor whereas good website content retains the customer. However, many times website designers or clients tend to ignore the importance of quality content and focus more on the design of the site. But they fail to understand that serious customers are mostly attracted to sites that give them all the information that they want about a particular search query. Quality content doesn’t mean long boring content to prove your point; rather it means crisp, concise and keyword-rich relevant information that is liked by customers and search engine spiders alike. Along with keyword-rich content, the website should also retain its visual appeal. Keeping the information updated and current is another important thing because the net users prefer latest information at their fingertips. A good website design with keyword rich appealing content has power to retain the customer and attract more and more traffic.

Website layout: According to a famous proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This proverb can be tactfully utilised by website designers while developing a website. A good web design has the capacity to retain visitors. So, the website layout and tactful presentation of contents should go hand in hand to create a targeted site.  The visual appreciation is a vital element of any good website design because it addresses the issue of boredom. The website designer should use relevant graphics to highlight important points. For example- Use of star busters in advertisements to announce recent offers or discounts.

User-friendly website interface: A website should always be designed keeping the end user in mind. So it’s important to make a website as user-friendly and simple as possible. Many times complex website interface with attractive layout and useful content kills the purpose because people leave the site once they realise that they are facing problem with the navigation. In this way you may turn off a potential customer; so always keep in mind that a customer always favours user-friendly website interfaces. A website designer should always choose user-friendly and simpler website design as an alternative to over-the-top website design. The navigation should be simple and reliable.

Visibility: Visibility is one of the most important features of a website. The website that is not properly optimised is like a needle which is difficult to be found once it falls in an ocean. The goal of your website should not be to attract highest possible number of visitors; rather, it should be attracting highest number of quality visitors who may try out your services and become your valuable customers. The search engine visibility determines the success of your website, because that is the gateway to your customers and success. Thus, it is the responsibility of the web designer to build a search engine-friendly website.

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