How to Find Great Keyword Ideas for Your website Optimisation?

Keyword Research

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important process which needs to be carried out in order to improve your website’s reach and ranking on SERPs. To achieve maximum results, the search engine optimiser must carry out relevant searches to identify research keywords and phrases that are can bring you closer to the intended audience. keywords are what the search strings are matched against and so they are an imperative element for every search engine.

How to find the right keywords?

Choosing the right keywords is a critical job and not many people know how to do it. Some of the aspects that need to be considered for keyword selection to achieve website optimisation are-

  • Identify the words or phrases that are associated with your company, your products or the brand. This can be done by identifying different sources for keyword inspiration which may be online or offline. You may seek inspiration from television, news articles, question answering services or keyword tools available online.
  • Prepare a seed list. Once you have brainstormed to get a rough idea of the words which you want to associate your website with, you should draft a seed list which would include all the shortlisted words that you will be used as the keywords.
  • Define the methodology. After the keywords have been identified, their use across the website has to be ascertained. This can be done by following a proper methodology to achieve the desired results.

To make the website effective in terms of SEO, the keywords must be positioned strategically across the web pages, in URLS, file names, page titles and headings and wherever they are relevant.

Some Useful Tools:

There are several tools which can be used to find keywords for the purpose of search engine optimisation that are available online, some of them being completely free and some that offer free trials before you purchase them. Presented below are some of the tools that can prove helpful in keyword analysis and generation to achieve the primary goal of search engine optimisation.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This tool is very useful in pay-per-click campaigns and is more often used by webmasters and publishers to find out the most popular keywords based on their Google search volume. It has various features that address different search needs for website optimisation.

2. Word Tracker

Word Tracker

When it comes to keyword research, Word Tracker tool is another name to reckon with. It has a tool which is free for keyword research, but one can use its Premium version as well. The paid tool can generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.

3. Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy

Beat your competitors with the help of this tool which brings you information on the keywords used most often by them. Another good thing about this tool is that it is free to use and can help you search for domains, destination URLs and Ad Copies.

4. WordStream


With a database of numerous keywords that are widely popular, WordStream is a good option as a keyword tool which helps in keyword analysis, search, suggestion and grouping. And this too is free to use.

5. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool


Seobook Tool

Powered by WordTracker, SEO Book Keyword suggestion tool provides more comprehensive results that are better than the free tool provided by WordTracker.

There are times, when you have exhausted the typical tools and are unable to think of anything new to add. In such circumstances, you can try a different tool to come up with new keywords or look for inspiration from your surroundings.

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