How To Identify A Quality Website Design Company

The website design industry is highly competitive with many different businesses all-competing for your clientele. This provides a great buyers market for web design services and you should utilize this buyer’s advantage to secure the right company for you. When choosing the right website design company you should consider the following:

  • How Many Questions Do They Ask: A website design company that asks many questions about your business, customers, products and goals is more likely to produce a web design you are happy with. When they don’t ask you many questions it is highly probably they will be using templates to design your website from.
  • View Their Complete Portfolio: Ensure that you request to view their complete portfolio and in conducting the review note the use of colours and styles in their design. It the website design company appears to use only one style or limited colours then gauge whether these colours and styles suit your business.
  • Do They Have A Plan: A quality web design company will have a planning document which walks you through the process of building your website. The more comprehensive the plan the more likely you are to be working with a professional company.
  • Ask Them About SEO: While the actual website designer does not need to know Search engine optimisation it’s important that someone within the company can clearly articulate the benefits of SEO. All website designs now need basic SEO integration to ensure traffic generation and success
  • Call Their Recent Clients: Choose 2 recent clients of the web design company to call and ask them about their experience. Specifically find out how smooth the process was and any potential sticking points you should know about.
  • Who Owns The Copyright: This can be a major problem with some website design companies as they wish to maintain copyright on all their work. Unfortunately this is not what you desire, you want to own full copyright to the materials produced for you.
  • Set The Deadline: Prior to engaging the website design company make sure you tell them of your set deadline of delivery. Ask them if they can confidently deliver on time and meet your targets. If they are unable to then you need to find a company that will.
  • Source File Access: A quality website design company will give you full unrestricted access to the source files which run your site. By having this access you can always have another designer edit your files rather than engaging the same company.

When you find a website design company that fits these major criteria you are most probably working with a quality company. It’s important to remember that you need to like the company you are working with so ensure their personality style meets yours!

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