What Does A Poor Website Design Do to Your Business?

It is imperative for a business owner to understand the adverse effects of a poor website design on visitor retention and conversion rate. If you want your website to be a successful part of your business plan, make sure you work with your website designer to develop a website that can keep the visitors engaged and interested in your website.

Your home page is a very important part of your website as it is the first point of interaction between your business and your customer. Make sure that your homepage has an introductory paragraph that gives a brief about the company and its offerings. It should be interesting and engaging so that your visitors are encouraged to further explore the site. Think of this as looking for a car. Unless you like the look of the car you are not going to care about what is inside the bonnet. That’s why a website designer must consider the importance of having a website design that puts enough emphasis on the home page.

The load speed of the website also determines its success. Most of the visitors have the concentration span of maximum 10 seconds and if your website takes any longer to load they will quickly hit the back button of their Internet browser and look for another site that offers similar products and loads quickly as well. Most of the people have good Internet connections and thus, it is increasingly becoming popular to use lots of graphics in your web site design. Excessive use of Flash can slow down your site’s load speed so its use should be minimalistic.

The background of the web pages of a site is also an important factor to consider by the website designer. Ideally, a white or any other light colour looks good on a website because it helps in effectively highlighting the text and the images. Yet the colour choice is the designer’s call and it should complement the theme of the site. Also the font of the text should be dark coloured to keep it easy for your visitors to read it.

Another significant aspect of web design is navigation. There is no point in developing a great looking web design when people can’t easily navigate through your site. Make sure that your website designer develops a website design and website navigation that ensures that no information is more than three clicks away.

If you have an e-commerce website, make sure that it is easy for customers to buy stuff from your website. You should have clear and prompt Buy Now and Add to cart links so that people can easily make a purchase. This might sound trivial but it is very important to have a technically-sound website design for an e-commerce store.

Make sure that there is enough information about you and your business on the website. It is important that the customers have confidence in you when they visit your web site. Tell them what your mission is and what values your business has when it comes to serving your customers. Tell your visitors about what makes you more qualified than your competitor to provide product or web services they are looking for.

If you follow the above discussed issues when developing your website design, you will be able to get a website that gives you good value for money for your business.

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