How Does CSS Facilitate the Web Development Process?

CSS has made it easier for web development experts to create a web page’s markup language. As the name suggests, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet that allows you to easily link to other documents in your website. It allows you to retain control over the various elements in different web pages of your website.

CSS only defines the structure and content presentation of a website and has nothing to do with its design. A single CSS sheet has the ability to control the fonts, positioning, colour and style information of an entire website.

Advantages of Using CSS

Since the advent of CSS, table-based website design has taken a backseat because it allows the separation of content from the document presentation. Thus, every modern web designer should be familiar with the intricacies of CSS in order to enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer in website design-

  • Web pages are quick to load and require less bandwidth: In website development, use of CSS enhances the load speed of the website because it is lighter than the table layouts that require a lot of bandwidth. The style sheet is downloaded only once and stored in the cache memory, so subsequent pages load faster, and ensure improved user experience.
  • It complements well with HTML: HTML is insufficient when used independently in website development, but when combined with CSS they can result in technically stronger web pages.
  • It allows you to position your element anywhere in the webpage: Web developers love to use CSS because it allows them to position their element where ever they want in the web page. If during any phase of web development the developer feels that particular links or columns are not going well with the situation then it becomes easier for them to position them easily using CSS. CSS reduces the risks associated with maintenance of the website.
  • It is compatible with all web browsers: CSS is combined with HTML or XHTML by web developers for web application development because it is compatible with all web browsers. The sites that use CSS appear similar in all the web browsers.
  • CSS can be used to create print friendly web pages: Most of the web developers love to use CSS for building their HTML based web applications because they allow them to create print friendly web pages. These web pages can be easily printed. The colours, images and other things that are difficult to be printed can be printed easily in case of CSS-based sites.
  • It allows the user to customise the webpage: A website that remains current and updated is most preferred by the visitors. A CSS-based website can be easily updated and customised as per the changing requirements by the site owners themselves. They don’t need to hire a web design agency to do minor changes.
  • CSS style sheets makes it easier for your website to feature in search engines: The CSS style sheets are favoured by web developers because they allow them to position their elements as per their wish anywhere in web application. Positioning helps to project the main contents first, so that it is easily captured by web spiders. CSS also gives cleaner HTML codes thus cutting down the job of web spider to search the real content from junk code.
  • CSS allows the web pages to have absolute consistency: One of the reasons for using CSS during web development is that they bring consistency to the web pages. All the expressions and texts will get their characteristics from external style sheet. Web developers need not worry about the change in characteristics of the elements because they can be easily altered at any stage of web development by using CSS.
  • CSS lends portability to content: By using CSS you can make separate style sheets for different media. This provides you the great flexibility in presenting your content. CSS allows you to redefine the characteristics of website elements to suit the need of the situation. Moreover, a separate style sheet will allow you to redefine the characteristics of certain elements so that they are easier to be printed. Also, the user will never come to know that you had restructured the characteristics for their benefit.

CSS is used to build a website that is user-friendly and also give you control over different elements in your site. Utilising benefits of CSS will help you promote your website and enhance user experience to a great extent.

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