Importance of Having an International Appeal in Your Website Design

A website opens up many avenues for businesses in the local as well as global markets; yet not many people are able to realise this opportunity. When businesses opt for a professional website design, their maximum focus is on pleasing the local or national audiences. However, smart business owners know how easy it becomes to get in touch with a global audience through a professional website design. If you want to take your business beyond boundaries, you need to invest in global web design because that is the cheapest way to begin international communications. When the website designer builds websites with international appeal, it enables the businesses to reach out to wide areas and cater to wide audience. Some global online marketing experts believe that -

The website design that has the capability to appeal the audience beyond cultural influence is necessary to register multinational Internet presence.

Website analysts around the world agree on the fact that a website design that has global appeal can improve the performance and profitability of the business by expanding its customer base. Lack of standards or values that outlines the exact website development strategy is often responsible for narrow localised approach adopted by a web designer. For most of the time a website designer only concentrates on creating attention seeking website design and overlooks 5 other key elements of global web design, i.e., planning, content development, publishing, maintenance, and updating. A global website design can be successful only if the website developer focuses on the user and acknowledges their demographic diversity very sincerely. Mostly, web designs that boast of having global appeal are overstuffed with design elements, confused content, bad navigation, and functionality. And, a perplexing web design often results in turning way the potential customer.

The globalised corporate website design that fails to make an impact on visitor often lacks in delivering its marketing messages clearly. Let us have a look at some of the tips that can make great global website design:

  • Eliminate the barriers of language: Sometimes the sites targeting audience on a global level fail to realise that they are only targeting specific section of audience because they assume that their language is easily understood by everyone.  So if you are focusing on infusing the global appeal to your website design then try offer as many languages as you can, so that potential customers are able to grasp your marketing message accurately. So web developer should incorporate language sections in web design that features major languages spoken by the target audience. There are many websites that support 20 languages or more, Google being one of the leading websites that supports 117 languages.
  • Easy Navigation: One of the most common reasons given for poor performance of globalised website is complex navigation. During website design if the web developer fails to create easy-to-use navigational links, customers may get baffled.
  • Localised elements: Localising the menus like currency converters, online customer services, and offline customer service executives answering customer queries will ensure that your visitor feels very much at ease.
  • Consistency: Your web design should maintain global consistency and branding.  
  • Don’t push them: Most of the customers are just bored of intrusive marketing strategies. So they just move away from web pages which need them to furnish their details or invade their privacy. So be innovative to approach the customer very politely before offering them your services to sort out their problems.

Designing a website with global outlook will help you to capture a wider market share and utilise the power of the Internet to maximum.

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