Important Link Building Tools for 2012

In Search engine optimisation, link building is one of the key elements of boosting your web traffic and improving your search engine ranking. The practice of link building involves getting other websites to link to yours. It is considered to be one of the most important factors considered by search engines, while determining your site’s search ranking. In link building, higher the number of backlinks, better will be the ranking of the site. However, ethical and genuine efforts have to be made in this process to retain the site’s ranking.

There are some tools in link building that are emerging to be some of the most important tools for 2012. These tools facilitate the process of getting quality backlinks.

Majestic SEO

Believed to be one of the largest Link Intelligence databases, Majestic SEO can bolster your link building process. It can give you an insight on how websites on the Internet are linked to each other. Majestic SEO is used by a large number of link builders as their preferred choice for link data source and for improving their search engine optimisation and website optimisation efforts.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is the preferred search engine for link building. It helps you find out who is linking to your site and give you data on the inbound links of your website. This tool can also allow you to compare the performance of your site with your competitors and take the corrective measures, if required, to improve your ranking through link building.

SEOmoz Tools

In link building, SEOmoz is another important tool in analyzing your keywords, research backlinks and track rankings in the most comprehensive manner. This platform offers multiple tools for different tasks in search engine optimisation and website optimisation to improve the performance of the website on the search engines.


ScrapeBox offers a wide array of tools to perform multiple tasks from search engine optimisation point of view as it helps you manage your link building process by automating it. It allows you to track the backlinks to your site but also drive tons of targeted traffic to it.

SEO Spyglass

The link building tools provided by Spyglass are commendable and can help any website climb up the search engines easily. It helps you find your competitors’ inbound links and analyse their link building strategy. By discovering the links that bring most traffic to your competitors, you can utilize them for your own link building strategy.

SEOBook Tools

On this platform, you get a myriad of free and paid tools that can facilitate your link building process. These tools can help you find relevant link sources, help you track the ranking of your site and track your link building progress compared to competing sites.


Blekko is another tool in your link building arsenal, that provides ranking of only quality websites. It does not rely on the link based authority of your site, it also assesses the human involvement in improving the authority of the site. This tool helps in promoting transparent search engine optimisation process.

Raven Tools

This platform also offers a myriad of tools that support website optimisation and search engine optimisation processes. Its Link Manager acts as a central database for managing your link building process by accessing website and contact information within a short period of time.


The Ontolo toolset also aims to simplify your link building process by efficiently managing multiple link building campaign and data.

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