Key Elements of Responsive Web Design, with Some Examples

Web design has come a long way since its origin in the early 1990s. There have been several trends introduced in this field that changed the face of web design, making it more accessible, interactive, engaging and user-friendly. One of the latest trends in this domain is responsive web design- thanks to the escalating use of different mobile devices and browsers. While there are different screen sizes, screen resolutions and browsers available in the market, one cannot create a different version for each of the devices and browsers. That is why, to simplify this task, responsive web design has come into picture.
Key Elements:

  • Adjustable layouts- What makes a responsive web design worthy of all the attention is the enhanced flexibility of the layouts and design in order to make it usable on different screen resolutions. The fluidity of the web design improves the navigation placement on the site in accordance with the screen size. Moreover, the columns in a responsive web design also scales as per the screen size or the browser size. The Tiny Fluid Grid is a handy tool that facilitates your web design as it allows you to make grids up to 1200 px maximum width.

  • Flexible images- Use of images can be a problem when viewing in a device with smaller screen size. To overcome this problem, responsive web design comes to the aid of the designers. It allows them to have adjustable images that fit different screen sizes and devices. Some of the tools that can help them in resizing the images include fly Dynamically,

  • Media queries- Since the evolution of CSS3, media queries has become a significant element of the responsive web design. This is a handy element that allows web designers to create multiple layouts using the same content.

A responsive web design can look great irrespective of the device or browser on which you are viewing it from. This can be further proved with the help of some beautiful and creative examples of responsive website design:

Think Vitamin

Hicks Design

8 Faces

Information Architects

Tee Gallery

Zedd Mobile



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