Key Tools to Evaluate Your Website Design

The effectiveness and success of a web design depends on how quickly and conveniently a user can find information on the website. The website developer has to evaluate the web design to ensure that the website is capable of attracting the visitors, retaining them, and providing all the relevant information, loads quickly and is compatible with multiple browsers.

There are various factors that the website developer must evaluate in the website design in order to determine its usability and functionality. Here are some extremely useful tools that can help in evaluating and analysing the website design-

1. Google Analytics- This is one of the most important tools offered by Google in order to evaluate and analyse the web design.

Google analytics is an easy-to-install tool that helps in determining the performance of the web pages of the site. With the help of this tool, you can find the bounce rate on your site, the popular places the users like to click on and the web pages that make the users leave the site.

2. Clickdensity- It is an important tool in analysing and detecting website design flaws and what causes user frustrations. It helps in refining the information architecture and helps the website developer to know what the site visitors are clicking more than usual. Its heat map analytics feature allows you in assessing the most popular components of the website.

3. Google Website Optimiser- By using this tool, you can test and optimise your existing website for free.

The Website Optimiser helps you in increasing the traffic on your website by testing and optimising the content and web design.

4. YSlow- This Firefox add-on analyses web pages in terms of their performance and suggests ways to improve it.

5. Pagealizer- This is a web design evaluation tool which is often used by website developers to enhance landing page conversion. It indicates how long a visitor stays on a web page, what is the bounce rate and how far visitors scroll down the page.

6. Click Heat- It is an open source visual tool that offers information on the clicks on an HTML page, showing hot and cold zones. This software allows you to see which spots the users click on most and which spots are being ignored.

7. Access Color- Most website developers and designers also use Access Color in order to evaluate the website design. This software helps in assessing the colour contrast and brightness between the foreground and background of all elements in the DOM.

8. Browsershots- It is a free open source online software that makes screenshots of your website design in different browsers and operating systems. This tool is helpful in evaluating the performance of the website on different browsers.

9. User Testing- In order to check the usability of a website, User Testing software can be used by the website developers and designers. It provides access to a network of pre-screened testers with respect to the specified demographics.

10. Usabilla- It is a highly useful tool which evaluates the website by collecting feedback in any stage of the design process. With the help of this tool, you can measure time, collect points and get valuable feedback with notes.

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