Making the Most of Google AdWords Services


Online advertising is an important component of the advertising mix of a modern company, and pay per click ads are the most effective online marketing tool. The feature of paying the publisher every time your ad is clicked, makes pay per click advertising a cost-effective method. Among the different platforms for PPC, Google AdWords services is the widely used method that helps businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, to reach a highly targeted audience.

However, the sole purpose of Google AdWords Services is not to get higher clickthrough rate. Converting the clicks into sales is much more important. Thus, for a successful pay per click campaign on Google, one needs to first understand the mechanism of this service. Google cares about three factors in its Google AdWords services.

  • Cost per click

    Bidding on your preferred keyword(s) is extremely crucial. You need to make sure that the initial bid for the keyword is lowest or near closer to that.
  • PPC

    Clickthrough rate

    Google cares about the relevance of the ad, and so your ad will be disapproved if the keyword doesn’t relate to the website. Under Google AdWords services, your clickthrough rate matters. Thus, it is important to select relevant keywords and create an effective ad copy to improve your clickthrough rate.
  • Daily budget

    This is a trick often used by advertisers in Google. In order to get preference on Google AdWords, you should set a high daily budget. Once you know the campaign is working for you, you underbid on your clicks.

Considering these factors, you need to begin strategising your pay per click campaign to make it actually work for you. Many times, despite the specified measures, your ads get the clicks, but cannot convert them into sales. In order to avoid such a circumstance, you need to consider these aspects of the Google AdWords services-

  • Getting started:

    Before you begin with your ad campaign on Google, you need to thoroughly do your homework. It is crucial to know the objective of your campaign, the targeted audience and the exact keywords which you are going to bid on. It is advisable to take small steps in the beginning, by having low bids and starting with one campaign. Moreover, you should be prepared with a Plan B, if your current campaign gets disapproved or fails to get the desired results.
  • One ad is not enough:

    While you should begin with one campaign, you should eventually add up more ads for every group of keywords. Running 2-3 ads, instead of one, helps you getting the best results. Google will display only one of your ads at a time, and this way you can go with the one that has the highest clickthrough rate for each keyword match.
  • Optimisation:

    No advertising campaign is perfect and there is always some scope of improvement. The advertisers must optimise the campaign as much as possible to eliminate scope of any irrelevant clickthroughs. Having higher clicks should not be a priority, rather quality clickthroughs should be given the priority. And, in order to get quality clickthroughs, you must optimise the ad by eliminating broad matching criteria and adding negative keywords.
  • Keywords usage:

    According to guidelines by Google AdWords services, you should put your keyword in every ad you write, so that targeted users click through you ad and get to your site. In the absence of the keyword on the ad and the landing page, Google is likely to penalise that combination with a very low quality score.
  • Conversion tracking and Google Analytics:

    Tracking and measuring your performance on a daily basis is crucial for a lasting success of your pay per click campaign on Google. Conversion tracking is the placement on your site of code that helps you keep track of how many of your clickthroughs turn into the end product desired. This helps in assessing the elements of the campaigns that work for you and the elements that don’t work for you. Google Analytics is another very significant tool that facilitates statistical analysis of your ad’s performance.
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