Do You Need a Content Management System?

An up-to-date website indicates the professionalism and ability of your business. Your site visitors expect that your website has updated content and information that can help them make an informed decision about purchasing your products and services.

Your website consists of two components:

  • Website Design: This is the look and feel of your website and wraps the information on your website. A sound website design is that which is visually appealing, is functional and user-centric.
  • Information: This is the content that your users are looking for. While the application development or web development you undertake to present your website is important, content is the most important part of it. Unless your content is up-to-date and informative you will not be able to convert visitors into customers.

If you want users to return to your website it is important that you balance aesthetics with usability and information.

Content Management Systems are a great way to maintain your website and keep your content current. There are various Content Management Systems available in the market:

  • Open Source: These are free to use Content Management Systems developed by various website designers and application developers. Although they are freely available, it can be very difficult to undertake website design or website development process using open source CMS unless you have previous knowledge. Moreover, customising them is also a difficult task. Sometimes getting support when you are struck can be difficult as well.

  • Propriety Systems: These Content Management Systems are designed by various IT companies and most of them charge yearly fees. For a small business it is not cost effective as a fair amount of time has to be spent on learning them and a yearly license fees has to be paid.

  • Customised Content Management Systems: Many website designers and application development companies develop CMS for their clients based on individual client’s needs. The price of these CMS varies depending on clients requirements. These systems allow you to update pre-defined sections on your website. To use these systems you don't need to be a Web Design specialist or you don't need any technical web development or Application development skills. All you need is word processing skills to update your websites.
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