How to Select a Website Designer Who Gives You Value for Money?

Behind a successful website design is a professional and experienced website designer who implements advanced web technologies in the development process. Your website design that is created by a qualified website designer is going to represent your business to a global audience on the Internet. A professional web design is the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. A good web designer can improve your company’s image and give a positive first impression to your site visitors.

While having an in-house website design department is an option for some businesses, it generally proves to be a costly affair. The best option is to hire a web design agency or an independent website designer who have the skills and the experience in creating mission-critical websites within a specified budget. These agencies or web designers relieve you of the stress of working on the intricacies of websites.

Before you begin search for a web designer, it is recommended that you get preliminary specifications for your website needs done. Consider how you want to portray your business to your customer in the online environment. How you want to project your business in the online environment? What information do you want to convey through your website? Consider if you want to have e-commerce on your website or you just want to provide information through your website design.

Once you have done your preliminary work, you should undertake the following steps to find a website developer/ website designer:

Make initial enquiries with a number of web designer or web design agencies:

Some steps you can take to pick a website designer or a website developer to create your website:

  • Undertake a Google search using keywords like website design, website designer, website developer and website development.
  • Speak with other business owners who have good websites and ask for references.
  • Look in local yellow pages if you want to find a website development firm in your area.

Check out the work portfolio: Once you have shortlisted some website designers who match up your initial requirements, you should check their website development portfolio. Observe the technology used in the web design examples that are posted in their web development portfolio in order to assess how well-equipped the designers are with the latest web technologies and skills. There are a lot of part time website designers and website developers in the market. Although they are capable of doing a good job, but more often than not you will find that the deadlines and product delivery may suffer. Also it is possible that after some time that freelance website developer might move on. Although freelancers are cheap, it is always recommended to go for a professional website design agencies.

Have a face-to-face interaction with the selected website designer to evaluate their work style: You should set-up a visit or plan a tele-conference with the selected web designers. Discuss your requirement, initial plan and their recommendations for your website. In this interaction phase, you must ensure that the web designer listens to your opinions and is open to changes.

Ask for a Proposal: After the interaction, you will be able to shortlist 2-3 of the web designers who appear to be the best from the rest of them. Invite those web designers or web design firms to send you a website design proposal with their recommendations and prices. To make sure that you are comparing apples with apples, check on the functionality offered by each of the website development firm. More often than not a cheap website proposal will be offering less functionality than a more expensive one. Also make sure that they are capable of developing a user-friendly design. Web usability is equally important as functionality. You should hire the agency that offers the best value for money.

Proposal review and order: Some other factors that must be considered before hiring a web design agency for your website development project include the add-on features provided by them, the emphasis laid on search engine-friendly website design and the estimated return on your investment. The customer service offered by the website designer should also play a major role in your selection of the web design agency. Moreover, it is common for websites to have programming bugs when they go live. A good web design agency would also offer post-launch services for your website’s maintenance and to check the programming bugs.

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