Importance of Defining the Purpose of Your Website

The website represents a business on the World Wide Web and advertises its products and services to a global audience. However, until and unless you specify clearly about your specialisations on the site, your visitors would not contact you for buying the products that you offer. Thus, it is important that you website design tells them straight away what you do.

The first thing a new visitor to your website should see is what they need to know and nothing else. You can talk about how good you are but there is no point if they can’t find what your services or products are. You can provide this information through your website design by directly telling them or using images to portray the same. The Home Page, titles, punch lines and other elements of a website should reflect the business.

Importance of Page Title in Website Design

Most of the organisations use page title to tell to the visitors who they are. The logo of the website often describes what the business is all about, but there still can be some ambiguity about it. The website title can clearly highlight your products or services or expertise.

It’s not just website design where the page title is important, it is also very useful for search engines as they put a high importance on the page title. They are also useful for users using alternate web browsers like text readers for visually impaired visitors.

Importance of Punch Line in Your Website Design

A good punch line is a crucial feature of any website. A good tagline should explain who you exactly are and what you exactly do. Eg. “Website Designs that stand out."

Your punch line will give instant understanding to your users about who you are and what you do. This can help users who come to your internal pages as they can get an overview of your services through you tag line.

Needless to say, a good punch line can also bolster your position on the search engines.

Welcome Paragraph in Your Website Design

The first thing that visitors read on your website when it comes to text is the main paragraph on the Home Page. When writing text for your web design, make sure that your opening paragraph is short, succinct and to the point.

The main paragraph should not tell the story of your life or that of your business. Rather, it should tell visitors exactly what you offer and the main benefits of those offerings. Many people when developing a website design and website development falter at that point as they try to tell a long story and end up boring the customer.

Benefits versus Products

A lot of people talk about benefits offered by them instead of informing them about their product range. In my opinion a good website design strikes a balance between products and benefits as you have to cater to all types of audience. So consider what you offer. If you think that the visitors to your websites know about your products as you could be in a much specialised industry, it would be beneficial to talk more about the benefits than the product and how your product delivers more benefits than your competitor.

Understand What You Need From Your Website Design

It is important that you maximise your opportunities and conversion rate. A good website designer will always concentrate on getting the best visitor conversion rate (visitor – to –customer) from your website design. Your best bet is to provide as much information as possible in minimum words. People are fast becoming impatient with websites and it is important that you understand that before you get onto the exciting path of website design or website development.

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