Smart Phone Application Development - A Smart Move

In 2011 more smart phones will be sold then desktop computers indicating a massive increase in consumer demand for Smart phones. This demand has created a mini boom in the Application Development market, especially in the Smart Phone Application Development market.

A recent study highlighted three major demands for Smart Phone applications and they are;

Smart Phone Application Major Area: Games

The most popular and most downloaded applications for Smart Phone’s are game with a recent study of university graduates at a Sydney university showing that 93% of smart phone owners use it for games. A smart business owner in Sydney would engage an Application Development Sydney company to build a Free game that advertisers their business.

This way you can engage with your customers on their Smart Phone and increase potential business.

Smart Phone Application Major Area: Social Networking

Social Networking is a emerging market with Facebook recently becoming the most visited website in the world. Combine that with the major demand for social networking and chat applications for smart phone’s and you can understand that it is the future for many businesses

Smart Phone Application Major Area: Information & Entertainment

This is the area that interests most businesses as these styles of applications create great demand for business services. Just imagine you’re a tour company in Sydney and you provide a Free application on Sydney Tourist Information. Tourists download the application and use the service to navigate the city and it’s attractions.

By using your application you can program in affiliate links and promotions that ensure you get paid for your hard work. Simple Information application development is a gold mine of potential profits for your business if implemented correctly.

As you can see there is major potential for your business in the Application Development market places with apps for smart phones being just one of those areas. It is important to consider the potential market size and current growth though before investing.

With regards to Smart Phone Applications the market size is predicted to ten fold between 2011 and 2013 due to the increase in demand. It is predicted the market size will reach over 13 Billion in that time creating a very lucrative business opportunity and marketing channel.

While in this article I referenced the use of free applications as marketing tools you should also consider having paid versions. One of the most profitable gaming applications for Smart Phones gained it’s confidence through offering an initial free version and then marketing an upgrade.

It’s time now to consider whether any of your services or products can be turned into a marketable paid for application as the marketplace is so large.

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