Tables or Table-Less Design in Website Development

Whether you are a techie or not you need to know what coding methodologies you must have your website development team use when building a site. While most of us happily outsource our website development, outsourcing without guidelines and rules can lead to disaster.

When it comes to building a website there are many decisions that need to be made but probably the most important decision which you need to ensure your website development company makes correctly is whether to use tables or not. Now for those of you who is non-techie right now your brains are switching off and you are starting to zone out. Stay with me for a little longer as it’s important for your website development success.

Traditionally websites have been built using tables, which is an easy and fast way of completing website development. A table based website functions very similar to an excel spreadsheet. Each element in the site is assigned a table and the website fits together using that table base.

As technology has developed website development has evolved and a second way of building websites using table-less design has emerged. Table-less design is website development using CSS and HTML combined to achieve the end result.

That’s the basic technical explanation of them both, the reason you need to know about this is that Search Engines prefer specific design functionality. If you are to choose the right method you will get better search results from your website development.

Search engines prefer table-less design as it is easier to index and less code heavy meaning it loads faster. Obviously when talking with your website development company you need to specify that you require your website to use table-less design.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation you need to do everything that is possible to achieve your top rankings. One of the things to do is to ensure your website follows the coding recommendations of search engines, as such table website development is best chosen.

The major reasons that are website development companies don’t automatically do just table-less design is that it takes more time. By taking more time it means they are less profitable and don’t achieve their internal profit goals as quickly. This is why you need to dictate table-less design to your website development company.

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