Things to Avoid During Web Development

When developing a new website design, several opportunities and technologies are available. While most of the people will prefer to hire a professional web design agency to do so, some people undertake the website design process themselves.

Depending on your budget, your web design firm will provide various options that are available to you. Some people may be tempted to load their website with as many features and images available in the market. However, a website design with unnecessary features may not only cost you a lot of money but it could become an annoying and perplexing experience for the visitors of the website.

Some of the features that must be considered while developing a website are:


Depending on your business, music could be practical or futile for your website design. A good professional website designer should consider the following issues when including sounds at the time of website development:

  • What type of business you operate? Is your business related to feeling good or for entertainment (For eg. Sigma Infotech during the web design and application development for used a lot of sound clips as music is Hitparade's business).
  • Are the prospective visitors going to be attracted or distracted by the music on your website? (eg. On, visitors can listen to their music and be provoked to use Hitparade's services).
  • The audio feature can also be added on websites that target audiences with visual disabilities.

In short, don't use sound and audio clips on your websites if there is no real reason to use it because it can be really annoying to the visitors.

Interfering Advertisements & Pop-ups

For a lot of website owners the temptation to make money through ads on their website is too strong to avoid. Until and unless your website is an advertising portal, do not use the advertisements. Be it Google ads or floating banners, avoid them if you don't want to lose visitors who could become loyal customers of your actual business. When you clutter your web pages with too many advertisements, the chances of you getting business would be minimised and the businesses that are advertised on your site have higher chances of sales leads. Thus, too many advertisements should be avoided so that the visitors only read and view what they came looking for at your site.

Some other reasons why you should avoid using ads in your website design are:

  • Are you willing to lose trust of your customers by recommending a business you don't really know?
  • Are a few dollars you can make from ads more than the revenue you can generate from visitors who may become your customers for life and reap you long-term benefits?
  • Are you in the business of advertising other businesses?

The other bone of contention is Pop-ups on your website. The way technology and people's perception towards annoying pop-ups is changing, in a very near future, your pop-ups may not even be displayed to your customers. Many people and browsers now block pop-ups; so you should be careful while using them in your website design.

Don't Just Get a CMS Because You Can

Many businesses get a Content Management System just because they feel they can update the content in future, yet most of their content remains out-of-date. The chances are that they got the Content Management System because the website designer or the application development company they were using persuaded them to do so and at that time it looked like a good idea.

However, quite often managing a website takes least priority because the company focuses more on improving its services and core products. As businesses grow and people become occupied with other more important tasks (in their opinion), they prefer to hire a web design company to modify the site. While Content Management System is a great tool to keep your website up-to-date in the long run, not everyone can use them.

A good web design and web development company takes a proactive approach while managing its client’s website. They keep an eye on the developments in the client's business and ensure that the website reflects the growth, after getting consent from the client.

In other words, don't just get a CMS because you will be able to manage your site in next 3 months. Think about what your needs will be in 2 years and will you have enough time to manage your website as your business grows?

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