Tips for Effective Web Design

First impression is of prime importance for any web site and a web designer has to ensure that the impression lasts for long. The designer has to ensure that the web site justifies the client’s requirements as well as solves the very purpose of creating it. Here are some of the tips that can be useful in enhancing the effectiveness of a Website Design:

  • Quick Web Site Loading: The first thing that may bridge the gap between the customer and your website is fast loading. You may just loose a potential customer if the web site takes more than 15 seconds to load. Every web site designer must first ascertain that there are no hindrances while loading the site.
  • Impressive Home Page: Normally, it takes around 8 seconds for a person to decide whether he/she has to stay on the web site or not. Thus, having an attractive home page that is well labelled and has a menu that leads to different sections of the web site is very crucial in web design. The home page makes or breaks the web site and it must provide concise information about the web site and the services it offers.
  • Compelling Content: Merely impressing the potential client with the design and imagery would not serve the larger goal. Content of a web site makes it what it is. Without a compelling content, people would not feel like going through the web site further. Each section in the web site must be properly titled and the core message of the particular section should be made clear within the first paragraph of the section in a simple language. Besides the core message, the content should ensure high level of grammar and spellings.
  • Easy Navigation: Every web site should be easy to navigate for the visitors. Web site traffic depends largely on how easily a visitor navigates through it. It is important to place all the important links at distinguished areas. Easy navigation ensures higher number of pages read by the visitors on a web site. Creating a navigation bar on top of every page can be a good idea. Moreover, every page should have a way to allow the visitor get back to the home page.
  • Use of Images: In order to attract the attention of the visitors, the web site designer can make use of catchy images that convey the message that has been written in the content. Images help in clearer understanding of the issues being discussed in the page. However, excessive use of images is a complete NO in web site design. While images catch the attention of the visitors, too many images become distracting. They squeeze out the very essence of the message and make the page look cluttered.
  • Avoid Distractions and Cluttering: Some of the things to avoid in web design include blinking text, pop-up windows, animated images and auto-loading sounds, besides others, that can annoy the visitors and may force them to look for other simpler web sites.
  • Have It, Show It!: You have a long list of satisfied clients, yet the web site shows no proofs of it!! It is of utmost importance to have a portfolio that speaks of your satisfactory services and abilities by including testimonials from loyal clients.
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