Unable to Yield Benefits from Your Web Design? It's Time to Redesign It!

There are many reasons because of which your website may not have been able to generate sales leads and revenue for your business despite your initial investment in its development. Changing technologies, ranking algorithm, consumer behaviour, fierce competition and spamming are some of the most common reasons that reduce the credibility of your website, and make you reconsider its design.

No matter which industry you serve in, competition always exists (except if you own a monopoly business). And, where there is competition, you always need to be on your toes and keep updating and upgrading your products and services. A website is one platform that allows you to represent your unique business on a global platform in the most cost-effective manner. Yet, if your website is not bringing in the desired results, probably something is amiss, and you must integrate those elements that can significantly improve the performance and results.

Look for these signs before considering a website redesign:

  • Your site cannot be found on Google: The very purpose of having a website almost fails when your website is not visible on Google’s search results. This is so because- firstly, search engines are used by most of the Internet users to find information about a certain brand, product or business; secondly, Google is the most widely used search engine across the globe.
  • You cannot add or update the content on your site: If your website is not CMS-driven, you will not be able to update the content on it, thus, leaving the content outdated and not useful for current times. And, when the content is not useful for the visitors, the site becomes redundant and fails to bring in the desired results.
  • Your site still has too much of Flash: Use of Flash is passé, and if your website still is primarily Flash-based, it’s time you hire a web design company to redo the site. Though Flash makes a website visually appealing, it diminishes the loading speed and performance of the site.
  • There are broken links on the site: Broken links is a big turn off for web users; and probably is the biggest reason why your website is not getting the quality traffic that you were aiming for.
  • Typo errors: When the site content has grammatical and typo errors, your visitors will not take you and your business seriously, because the professional approach of the business becomes doubtful.
  • Confusing navigation: User experience should be central to your website design, and when that is compromised, visitors begin to leave the site without taking a desirable action. Poor navigation that confuses the site visitors transforms your business website into a liability.

If you are witnessing any of the above signs with your website design, it is time to hire a professional web designer or website design company, who can eliminate all these negative factors and give a new lease of life to your website. It is important to keep updating your website and the content on it, so that your site visitors are able to find only the relevant information.

Once you have redesigned your website by implementing the latest tools and technologies and keeping it in sync with the modern web design ideas, you can see a significant improvement in your site’s conversion rate.

So, give your website a facelift and reach out to the right audience, by beating your competitors and dominating the search engines.

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