Useful information on Search Engine Optimisation to increase the productivity of web site

There are many benefits of Search engine optimisation like higher traffic, improved performance of the web site, higher rank and increased goal conversion ratio. There are basically two parts of any such search engine optimisation campaign on page Seo and off page Seo. In this article we will discuss about on page search engine optimisation.


On page seo is about making changes in the site itself in order to make it search engine friendly. Changes which often occur in a web page when the page is offline or on your desk top or not on the server are known as on page seo. On page seo includes –

Web site design and navigation is the most important point as per seo perspective. Internal linking of the different pages in any web page increases the even flow of traffic on the web site and also improves the average time spent by any visitor on the web page. Many major search engines consider Website Design and internal linking as a very important factor while deciding the over all performance of any web page.

Key word research and implementation is another important factor as selection of key words defines the traffic and the rankings of any web page. Any web page can be optimised for any number of key words but ideally five to ten key words are sufficient. Key words for any site must have good amount of total traffic and should have minimum possible competition. Relevancy of the keyword is also very important means what ever keywords we choose there must be high chances of people searching with the same keywords of getting desired information. Only keywords decide traffic over the web site therefore while selecting keywords for your site you must rely over a expert in the same.

Content Optimisation comes into the picture after selecting the keywords it is very important to have selected keywords in the content of the web site so that search engines can show our site for a particular search phrase and on the other hand content on any web site must be persuasive to end users in order to do business therefore content optimisation is beneficial to get high rankings in search engines as well as to increase the goal conversion ratio. Keyword density of any keyword must be around three to seven percent including keywords in meta tags and header and footer and in content.

Meta Tag Optimisation is very important part of on page search engine optimisation as different meta tags like title tag, Meta description tag, H1 tag, H2 and H3 tags are very important to get good rankings in any search engine. Title of any web page is what you see in the upper most section of any web page normally in the blue strip section of any web site title tag can be of 69 characters long including spaces and must have as many keywords as possible but they should be meaning full.

Similarly there is a fixed length of 256 characters with spaces by major search engines for meta description tag. Meta description tag acts like a summary of the web page and gets displayed to the visitor on the search engine that is why it is very important to have very good Meta description tag full of keywords with very high persuasive language.

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