Useful Tools for Cross-Browser Compatibility Check for Your Website Design

Many web designers encounter situations where a website looks different from one browser to the other. This obstructs the user experience because there is higher possibility that a website that looks appealing and user-friendly on one browser may be non-functional on the other browser. The primary reason for this problem is that the CSS settings cannot work perfectly with all browsers unless they are texted on multiple browsers.

For a successful website design, compatibility on multiple browsers becomes mandatory for a superior user experience. Some of the major web browsers that are being used by people across the world include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. As a web designer, it is your responsibility to make the design flexible enough so that it operates efficiently on all browsers.

Listed below are some of the tools that can facilitate cross-browser compatibility check for your website design:


This tool tests your site with a browser and remote VNS. It facilitates testing of your AJAX, JavaScript and Flash with any browser easily. Some of the browsers it supports include Android Browser, Google Chrome 5 to 8, Mobile Safari and more. It offers a free trial and three free plans to choose from.


A web designer can use this tool to view a website on browsers including Internet Explorer 6,7,8, Mozilla Firefox 3,3.5,3.6 and Google Chrome Latest Version. It helps in quick detection of problem areas, compare the look of the site on different browsers simultaneously and schedule the tests to run at regular intervals.

DotMobi Virtual Developer Lab

This tool allows you to test cross browser compatibility for free on any device, including iPhones. It provides remote access to several real devices on live networks from around the world.

Browser Shots

This free cross-browser testing tool captures screenshots of the website on multiple browsers. It supports several browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Dillo and many more.

IE Tester

This tool only supports different versions of Internet Explorer for free. A web designer can see appearance of a website using IE 5.5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. However, this tool is still in its development stage.

Microsoft Expression Web SuperView

The standalone version of this tool is another compatibility testing tool that supports only Internet Explorer web browsers. However, its full version can support Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. It is believed to be user-friendly and gives timely response.


Litmus has become a popular tool among the web designers for testing the cross browser compatibility of a website. The free versions of this tool are limited and support only IE7 and Mozilla Firefox 2. However, its paid version is more effective and supports testing on several browsers.

All the above discussed tools are meant to simplify the use of websites on different browsers. The best method to make the websites cross-browser compatible is by creating flexible and responsive website design. Once, you have successfully designed a website that is compatible on all the web and mobile browsers, you can see a significant improvement in the site traffic, conversion rate and sales leads, resulting in higher revenue and profit.

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