Web Design Principles That Convert Visitors into Customers

Often when working with a new client at Sigma InfoTech we will find they have already hastily designed and launched a website. While the website is live and functional they complain they are getting a very small amount of new customers.

Traditionally after conducting a FREE website design review we are able to identify a long list of web design principles that are missing from the site. Designing a website is completely different to designing a business card, there are key areas and factors that each website must contain in order to convert visitors into customers.

Ultimately the only reason business owners build a website is to attract more customers and hopefully automate some lead generation but unfortunately in most cases this does not happen. While this is a “normal” problem it is one that can be instantly fixed using some basic website design principles.

These principles are taught to our Sigma InfoTech team the moment they are hired. In fact we have a fairly detailed training program for our team ensuring they are not just “designers” but they are "conversion friendly, visually appealing designers".

Click Here for a FREE Website Design Review conducted by one of our professional team members

To discover whether your website is “conversion friendly” you can simply review your website design for the following:

The 8 Second Rule

Generally you have 8 seconds to convince a new visitor to stay on a page before they bounce off to the next site. This means that the content and website design needs to be most convincing in the top half of your site. One technique that has been proven to work well in web design is to include 3 Major Reasons why someone should stay on your site at the very top of your site. This can be represented by words or graphics and is generally incorporated into the header website design.

Proof, Proof And More Proof

Potential customers want to know that you are good at what you do and you have a growing list of satisfied clients. If you are able to provide proof of satisfied clients in the form of testimonials, feedback ratings or examples of your work you are more likely to get results. A great design will incorporate these proof elements into the design in a graphical way.

Strong Message

Make sure that each page on your site is pushing across a strong message about your business or product. Many designs and websites try to convey too many messages and end up not getting any message across clearly. Choose a single message per page and convey that in the strongest way possible.

If you are unsure as to whether these 3 basic principles have been incorporated into your design then you should:

Click Here for a FREE Website Design Review conducted by one of our professional team members

It is important to understand that while a website design may appear to you to be visually appealing this can be different for your potential customers. Remember that you are building a website to attract customers not to make you happy!

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