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A website is the gateway to a successful business, and to cement that success robust web development tools must be utilised when building the site. Moreover, website developers strive to create intuitive and innovative web applications that are at par with industry standards. For all these, i.e., website development and web application development, web developers across the world use PHP as one of the most important web development tools. PHP is an open source language that is an important part of the LAMP web programming stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Being open source, PHP is a free web development tool that can be easily embedded into HTML. Website developers can create dynamic websites using this scripting language used for server-side scripting and for generating textual user interfaces. PHP migration, internet services, database driven web site development and custom internet development are some of the core aspects where custom PHP programming can be applied.

There are numerous advantages of using PHP software for web development. Some of these benefits are discussed below:

  • Easy to learn

    Web developers prefer to use PHP software not only because it is free of cost, but also because it is very easy to learn. Even a college dropout, with basic knowledge of programming, can learn how to use PHP for developing interactive and dynamic websites and web applications.
  • Low maintenance cost

    PHP is a free software- free to use, download and distribute. It has zero upfront costs and zero ongoing costs. Moreover there is no royalty charged on PHP, making its maintenance cost very low.
  • High performance

    The functional diversity with PHP in website development makes it the most sought after tool. The website developers can do a massive range of activities like generating bar codes, creating PDF documents, drawing graphs and retrieving content from other sites with relative ease. It also makes it relatively easy to perform swaps between database engines by a simple act of modifying one parameter. Thus, the performance level of websites based on PHP is relatively higher than others.
  • Compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Unix and Linux

    It is a very flexible and powerful language that works efficiently on multi-platforms like Windows, Unix and Linux. This feature makes it useful in developing ecommerce websites and community portal sites.
  • Does not put strain on the server

    It uses its own inbuilt memory space that decreases the workload from the servers and the processing speed automatically enhances. Its script is optimised to make the server's job easier, thus nowadays the uses of PHP is being popular among the website developers.
  • Works easily with web servers such as Apache, IIS and others

    Website developers also prefer to use PHP over other programming tools because it works excellent with web servers like Apache, IIS, etc.

Thus, website developers can create dynamic web development solutions using PHP that are dependable, have rapid speed and ensure high performance. A PHP-powered website or web application can also obtain multilingual support.

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