Use of Databases in Website Application Development

A decade ago, most of the website application development companies used files to create and store information. This allowed freelancers to provide application development services without knowing much about relational databases. In fact, most of the website designers (or website developers) depended on simple file writing codes to develop dynamic websites. This provided a simple and affordable solution at that time. However, website application developers started witnessing problems with applications that were developed without using proper databases. As the amount of information grew the performance of the website suffered immensely.

There are quite a few databases that are currently used for website design or website application development:

  • MS SQL: This is a widely used database for websites developed on platforms like ASP.NET, C# or ASP. This database runs on Microsoft platform. While in the short run, website application development using MS SQL could prove to be a little more expensive than other technologies, in the long run it can give great return to your investment through performance, robustness and expandability.
  • MYSQL: MYSQL databases are most commonly used in open source projects. It is widely used for websites developed on UNIX/LINUX platforms. PHP is the most preferred website programming language used with MYSQL. ASP and .NET websites can also run with MYSQL but it is not very commonly used with Windows based platforms. Most of the open source solutions are developed on MYSQL database and is fairly robust. However, for major website applications of web portals, MYSQL should be avoided.
  • MS ACCESS: This is also a Microsoft technology that runs on Windows platform. There are quite a few ASP and Cold Fusion website applications developed in MS ACCESS and website application development is a lot easier with it. However, as your requirement grows, you will notice that MS ACCESS database might restrict growth of your website. So MS ACCESS is suitable for websites that are smaller in size.

Before beginning the website application development project, it is important to consider your current status and also the amount of growth your website and web design will have in the near future.

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