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The Internet and communications technology have empowered businesses of all sizes with a marketing tool that helps them stand out from the competitors. All you got to do is create a business website that serves as a one-stop shop for the customers by providing all the information that can develop their interest in your offerings. In the web design, there are certain things that might work for your business and some that may go against it. It is crucial to identify those things and make good use of them.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for website design that might just help you.

Things to Do-

Well-developed website architecture- Simple, yet informative- this is how the website architecture should be laid out. Different sections addressing different aspects of the company, its products/services, client feedback and contact details should be created in a strategic manner which is user-friendly and helps in navigation with ease.

Website Structure

This is a basic lay-out of the website structure

Loading Speed- Nothing is more annoying than a website which opens at the speed of a snail. If your website takes longer time to load, you know why it is not drawing enough visitors’ traffic. No matter how big the site is, the Website Design should be such which guarantees hassle-free loading. Here is an example of a big yet fast loading website-


Informative Content: A business website should be all about your company, its products/services, areas of expertise, latest developments relating to the company and the industry it serves, case studies, client feedback and contact details. The content has to be designed in a manner that it is easily understood by the visitors and is relevant. The user must know what the site is about in seconds.

Images, textures and patterns: Creativity can take your website to greater heights. Using relevant images, textures and patterns can make the impact on the visitors in a positive manner. Check out this site to know how creative one can get-


You may use animated images or that of your latest projects, products or other such images that are related to your business and can catch the attention of your prospects.

While most of the website designers know how to make an effective site, there are always chances that they may overdo or miss out something that is crucial in getting the desired results. Below are mentioned the common mistakes that should be avoided in web design in order to keep the relevance of the website intact.

Things Not to Do-

Fonts that are Unreadable: Ok, this might make the web page look attractive to the visitors at first look, but their attention would not last for long if the font is unreadable. Using fancy or tiny fonts is a big mistake in web design and would propel the visitors to look for another, more readable site.

Too much information, little relevance: You might be well-versed with the industry inside out, but you have to stick to the main purpose of the website. Do not clutter the web pages with too much of information, which may even be repetitive.

Overuse of Flash: Excessive usage of Flash would increase the load time of your website. So, it must be used only to offer features that are not supported by static pages.

Homepage that just launches the website: It is unwise for the website designer to increase the number of steps required for the visitor to access the content. The first page of the site should tell what the company is all about.

Lack of search engine optimisation: Your website may be very creative and attractive, but it should also be search engine-friendly to increase the visibility of your site. Proper keywords should be identified and strategically placed across different web pages. A look at this site would tell you want I mean-


This website is a perfect example of creativity, but it can be made more effective if it uses SEO-friendly techniques to reach out to the target market.

Use of Mystery meat navigation: Over-the-top creative ideas are not necessary in web design. Such efforts squeeze out the very essence of the website.

The list of Do’s and Don’ts can be never ending because there are no fixed predetermined things that can make or break the website. However, keeping these points in mind in the web design process would surely help your business to gain an edge over your competitors and register in the minds your customers and prospects.

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