Importance of Navigation in Website Design

A visually appealing website design or one with high functionality would not yield you enough business, unless you have a strong navigation plan. A good website designer should devote enough time in understanding the business of the clients before getting on with the website development process.

A website’s success relies on the users’ experience and good navigation plays a major role in improving this experience. If you have planned a website for your business, you must ensure that the website designer, who works on your project, considers the following elements:

  • Categorise your products and services: In order to strengthen the navigation of a website, the designer can categorise the different products and services offered by the company. Through organised categorisation of the offerings, the website makes it easy for the visitors to find the relevant information and take the desired action quickly. A good menu structure ensures that your website visitors are able to navigate through your website with ease. A good website designer will always make a website design that encourages your website visitors to spend more time on your website.

  • Visit some sites yourself: Before you finalise your website design, try and visit some websites that target the same market and customers as you do. Try and work out what makes a web design more attractive to people. Try and work out what makes that particular web site design tick? Discuss this website design with your website developer and work out if a similar navigation style or colour scheme or other finer points will work on your website. Once the website design is finalised, the designer should seek the opinion of his friends and relatives by making them go through the website design and get their feedback. It is important to do it with an open mind as some people may criticise the work. If someone says that they could not find their way Home that would mean that something that seemed obvious to the web designer could not be comprehended by the visitors.

  • Consistency & Predictability: Individuality is important, but one should try to make the website design different to other websites, but should opt for simpler navigation. A good website designer would use advanced technologies to create a unique web design, but would stick to a conventional website navigation that makes it easier for the website visitors. Make sure that your website developer realises that a graphic rich website that sells great products is worthless if visitors cannot find information or navigate between different pages or sections of a web design. If your main navigation is made of images, make sure that there is a text only option for navigation for the comfort of disabled visitors. Also your website navigation plan should allow for quick navigation for visitors who are in a hurry!

Make sure that you and your website designer (or graphic designer) understands the importance of an easy-to-use navigation. Remember that great content and graphics are worth nothing if visitors can’t find them.

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