Fundamental Features of An Effective Website Design

A website that has been developed using the most advanced web development tools and technologies but lacks behind in usability cannot yield profits for businesses. Whatever new website development gadgets and tools that we implement in our web design should be used in order to simplify the website design and make it look visually appealing and easy to use.

Being a web designer you must be aware of the below discussed website design concepts in order to create successful websites:

  • Impressive yet usable web design: Sometimes, web designers forget the usability factor, and rather focus on creating beautiful websites that only enhance the visual experience of the visitors. There is a possibility that such websites might bring in some positive results initially (by means of higher traffic) but the results would only be short-termed. The trick lies in creating a beautiful website that also converts the visitors. Your website homepage is the first thing most of your visitors will see. So it is important that the first impression you make to your visitors is professional. Don’t overwhelm the visitor with too much information or too many colours or flashy items. The font size should be decent so that visitors can read information on your website easily.

  • Easy navigation: Make sure that the navigation on your website is easy to use. As a website designer, your duty is to develop a website design that allows users to navigate to information in internal pages easily and readily. If users can’t navigate on your website readily, they will very quickly navigate to another website. As a web designer, you have to ensure that the web design you develop engages customer with the website.

  • Content is the Key: In order to convert visitors into customers, a fancy web design wouldn’t be enough. Serious visitors who come to a site to take a positive action need to go through the content on the website. If and only if the information provided matches their requirement would they contact you for purchasing your products or services. In almost all cases, website designers develop a web design as a vehicle to provide useful information. The designer should take the help of a professional content writer to provide high-quality and useful content which can entice visitors to get in touch with you.

  • From Web to Phone, provide every possible contact information: It is very important that visitors to the website find contact information as quickly as possible. If yours is a brochure website, the main role of the website is to make the customer come to your office or pick up the phone and call you or at least quickly send you an email. Make sure that your phone numbers are mentioned prominently on every page or if your website design doesn’t permit it, it should at least be easy to go to your contact details page.

  • Quick to Load: Although many people these days are on fast Internet connections, you, as a website designer, must ensure that any website design you develop loads quickly. Don’t unnecessarily include too many Flash and graphics if they are not innate to your website design. As the Internet connections get faster, the patience of visitors keeps on getting thinner.
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