Simple Website Design for Effective Results

All the successful websites around you (e.g. Google, Facebook and YouTube) have one thing in common- the website design that is plain, simple and enriches user experience. Most effective websites don’t employ fancy graphics or heavy animations to sell their products. Visitors to these sites manage to engage with it and are able to perform the action that they wanted to take. The objective of any website is to sell or increase its member base or advertise its services. In any case the idea remains the same- that the website must enhance the business. Website designers should ensure that the website design they create is user-centric and allows visitors to focus on the main activity – buying products or services offered by that company.

A lot of web designers’ use heavy graphics to make a website visually appealing in order to please their clients. However, a good website designer will inform the client about the disadvantages of such a web design. They inform the clients that the important part of any website development process is not heavy visuals but good content, easy navigation and professional look and feel.

Who is your target audience?

The first question you have to ask yourself when you undertake website design or web development is that who is your customer? Younger generation is adept at using technology but older generations continue to struggle. It is important that your website designer makes the website design easy to use for people of all age groups and with different computer skill levels. Your web design should always concentrate on clean page layout, use minimal but attractive graphics and well organised content and navigation.

Another important issue for your website designer to consider is that the web design has cross browser compatibility. The days of IE dominance are over (or at least the decline has started) and more and more people are using open standard browsers like Firefox & Opera. Make sure your web developer gives you a web design that looks consistent on all platforms.

No compromise on website content

Many web designers encounter questions from their clients about what converts a visitor into a customer. It surely is not just website design. Website design is an envelope to display the important content. When people read your content and like it, that’s when they contact you. Also your content should generate trust between you and the visitor on your site. Website design helps in it by putting the right elements in the right place. For example contact details and related mechanisms (contact us forms etc.) that are easily available on your website ensures that it is easy for visitors to contact you.

A good web designer must develop a website design that makes it easy for users to find information and not confuse them

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