Website Design Trends for 2012

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While we all are readying up to welcome the New Year, we may also have to welcome upcoming trends and styles in website design. Being an ever-changing and evolving process, website design experiences new trends every year and 2012 is not going to be an exception.

The New Year is going to witness some remarkable changes in the way websites are designed. While we cannot determine the exact trends, we can predict what all changes can possibly occur in web design.

Let's take a deeper look at the predicted trends in website design for 2012:

  • Responsive and adaptive design

    In the times of smartphones and iPads, accessing Internet is not limited to standard computers. Now people are browsing through the Internet through mobile web on their smartphones and tablets. Because the medium being used to view a website is not fixed, web designers are beginning to create responsive website design that adapts according to the medium that is being used to view it. While this trend has begun to show up in the last few months of 2011, it will be all over the place by the time we enter 2012.
  • HTML5 & CSS3

    These are the latest versions of HTML and CSS, respectively, and are aimed at taking your website design to another level. Though these languages aren't fully complete as of now, web designers will be using their available features in full-fledged form by 2012. HTML5 allows you to add some amazing features to your website design and gain a distinctive advantage over competitors. An HTML5 supported website design will be more flexible and will load quickly. CSS3 will also gain popularity in the coming year because of some exciting features it offers. By implementing CSS3, you can create a visually appealing web design easily.
  • Oversized logos/headers/footers/images

    In 2012, its time to go BIG. Web designers would be using oversized logos, headers, footers, images like never before. Huge headers/logos/footers/images leave a lasting impact on the visitors and make them remember you. They are extremely captivating and interesting, and with the right content can really set a website apart from its competition.
  • Magazine layouts

    Infotainment websites can look great in magazine layout web design. Many web designers are moving towards the magazine layout, where content is laid out on a single home page in an organised manner. It gives the visitor an opportunity to explore as interested. This format will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading a magazine or newspaper, without having to flip pages.
  • Single page designs

    To reduce the browsing experience, single page websites are going to be one of the latest trends in website design. While this trend has begun to take hold in 2011 itself, it will be more popular in 2012. Single page design is more appropriate for smaller websites, where most of the information can be accessed from the Home page itself.
  • Fixed navigation

    Another emerging trend in website design for 2012 would be fixed navigation. The primary purpose of this feature would be to engage the users in a better manner and enhance user experience. Fixed navigation combines functionality and visual appeal.
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