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Unlike any bedside story, the website story is full of hard facts and realities that need your unvarying interest and attention. And here they are listed for your careful consideration. However, you may ask yourself a simple question at the beginning as to why you are paying attention to the website story. If this eventually leads you to building your own website or you are planning to get it done professionally, this may help you a lot. Otherwise, forget about it. Nevertheless, take a careful look at the following before you draw your conclusions.

  • Web design or site look and feel. It includes the graphics, layout and the navigation – jobs assigned to designers. The web designer will also do some essential pages like home page, contact, etc and place the content in it. However, they would not normally optimise the content or at best do some primary page optimisation. But bear in mind that the optimisation is far more significant than the site design.  If in case, more pages are required, the web designer or the website designer would do that for an additional charge.
  • Most website design companies are also capable of adding sales pages to a website at a minor cost if the customer has smaller number of items to sell. But setting up and maintaining an online catalogue is far more expensive and so the customer should preferably settle this issue beforehand with the web designer or the design company. But whatever the case may be, web page design services also includes the backend programming part.
  • SEO or the Search Engine Optimisation can also be a part of a web design plan.

However, the web design company or the website designer is also responsible for many other aspects relating to a website that require clarification right at the beginning and are so listed below.

  • The number of web pages that are included in the price.
  • The time to be taken to complete the web pages.
  • Who is the ultimate owner of the finished design?
  • If the logo is included in the price.
  • If the web pages are optimised for 3 primary search engines.
  • Keywords that are optimised as also what for.
  • Cost of additional pages, if required.
  • Does the designer provide training so that others can add pages?
  • Dos the designer host the website and if so, the charges involved in it.

Turn to Sigma Infotech when you are looking for a website design Sydney company. The fact is, there is more to designing a web page than meets the eyes. Firstly, the page has to look good because otherwise the visitors would just exit the page and the business would suffer. Then secondly, the backend has to work smoothly because the website just cannot afford any programming errors. The navigation has to work perfectly so that visitors can easily move from one page to another and the web page design company also has to ensure that there are no shopping cart issues if that is the website is accepting online payments.

Looking for a web design Sydney Company? Look no further than Sigma InfoTech.

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