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No matter whether you are looking for a dependable web developer or an exclusive website developer, you can safely turn to Sigma Info Tech because this company is among the very best Website Developer Sydney companies you can come across. Sigma Infotech Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2006 with a vision to provide state-of-the-art web and business solutions across Australia. Our Vision is to provide business solutions to add value to our clients operations. Our products range from customised off-the-shelf software to Enterprise wide systems, from simple informational websites to web enabled CMS driven portals.

Sydney is one of the cleanest cities of the world and it has emerged as an IT hub in Australia where professionals from all over the world come to work. So hire a website developer company here and you can be sure that the work that you will get will be among the finest in the world. And among all the web developer Sydney companies that you will come across, Sigma Infotech stands tall. So turn to Sigma for all your needs and you will never be let down.

Sigma Info Tech employs the project management methodology in the website development process. The company has through experience and training, learnt that Project management methodologies not only help in developing a robust website but also ensures that the end product meets the customer requirement.

It is always an inclusive and consultative process wherein the clients input is taken before the work is started to understand the business and the exact needs better and feedbacks are also taken at every step so that the final delivery can meet or exceed the expectations.

The website design is developed keeping in mind the corporate identity of the customer. Once the design passes the expectations, it is presented to the customer to obtain the feedback. The customers feedback is then included in developing the variation of the original design. This process of feedback is continued till the company is able to reach a website design that meets the customers’ requirements and expectations.

Once the home page design is complete and it has been frozen by the customer, this is converted into a working template. This includes the animation, the mouse-over and other graphical effects the homepage will have. Again the customers’ feedback is sorted and the changes to the website design are made till the customer is heavy.

After this, the Sigma website developer Sydney Company begins to create the internal pages and in this if required the database is also made along with the programming to make the website functional. This is particularly necessary for dynamic websites.

Once the programming stage is complete, the website if offered to the client through the extranet. The website developer interacts with the customer to confirm that it meets customers’ requirement. Based on customers’ feedback, any changes if needed are implemented.

But no website developing job can be complete unless it has been tested thoroughly and this is thus the last important step. Both the functionality and the programming code are thoroughly tested by our testers for its robustness and uniformity.

Yes developing or designing a website is not an easy job, particularly if it is done seriously. Sigma Infotech is a web developer firm that has been doing this well and so if you need a web developer Sydney company; you can safely turn to Sigma Info Tech.

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