Mobile Website Development for Businesses that Want to Reach Out to their Prospects

Websites give unique online identity for businesses around the world. Their assessment is no more restricted to computers or laptops since the advent of Internet-enabled smartphones. Mobile website development is on a rise because the number of people using mobile phones to browse the Internet has been proliferating.

Mobile users don’t want to browse through the entire website because the screen size and Internet speed makes it difficult. Rather, they want to just find the information they came looking, within few seconds or minutes.

While mobile website helps in expanding the reach of the business, many web developers implement wrong techniques that decline the performance of the website on mobile devices.

Following are the tips that will help you overcome the pitfalls of mobile web development:

Avoid mixing up the markup during web application development

There are primarily two types of markup languages used for mobile web application development. The earlier versions of mobile websites used WAP protocol. WAP means Wireless Application Protocol. WML markup language was used in WAP 1.0 protocol. WML (Wireless Markup Language) is a type of XML markup language. With the introduction of WAP 2.0 protocol the WML was replaced by XHTML language. Still some low priced phones use WML browsers; so identify the correct users accordingly.

Keep the web design elements to the minimal

A big website will certainly hamper its performance and usability. This is why to ensure effective mobile web interactions, you must ensure that the site is not overcrowded. As a web developer, you must ensure that you use a shorter navigation bar, hyperlinks are used minimally and too many images/Flash are avoided. For instance, if you have an ecommerce website, the user should be able to easily browse through the products section, select the desired products and make payments without taking too many steps.

Optimise the website to suit the screen dimension of the mobile phone

Mobile phones are categorised on the basis of screen dimensions. The four commonly used screen dimensions are 128 x 160 pixels, 176 x 220 pixels, 240 x 320 pixels, 320 x 480 pixels. So during the website application development, the web developer should fully understand the screen dimensions and optimise the site accordingly. The site design should be simple, basic and linear. Such designs will help the phone users to browse through the sites easily.

Identify the right customer

Most important thing that the web developer should keep in mind during web application development is to identify the kind of visitor who comes to your site. Some visitors may just come for casual surfing; some may be repeated visitors who are coming again and again to surf for some kind of information, whereas others may be urgent visitors who want maximum information at minimum time and efforts. So the content optimisation will vary from visitor to visitor, and accordingly web developers should tactfully insert the content during web development like for casual surfer, content should be enticing and engaging so that it brings him back to the site. For the repeated visitor, the developer must optimise the content in main areas so that they can easily find the content of their interest. Whereas, for urgent visitors, he must optimise the content so that they can easily find it at single click.

Choose appropriate domain name

The choice of the domain name also determines the success of a mobile website. If you choose an inappropriate domain name, visitors would be left confused and baffled and they might not be willing to visit the site. So, during web application development for the mobile sites, you should tactfully choose the domain name that can be easily accessed by users.

Validate your markup

The web visitors don’t have the luxury of high speed Internet connection they have to browse the net during traveling or during the breaks in meeting etc. So it becomes the duty of web developer to validate the markup language thoroughly during application development so that web page is rendered correctly.

Mobile website development isn’t rocket science, but it is important to meticulously lay down the development process and do thorough testing and maintenance, if you want to ensure the success of the site.

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