Top 5 Website Development Tips for Enhanced Webpage Performance

The time taken by a web page plays a critical role in determining the quality of website development and the success of the website. One of the biggest tasks to be handled by web developer during website development process is restricting the load time of the websites. Every user loves to visit a website that load quickly. The overuse or very immature use of technology can kill the very purpose of a particular website application. It is always important to display the correct information at the places that can guide the web visitor to their ultimate goal.

There are numerous factors that can make a website heavy and enhance its load time. These factors are discussed below-

  • Heavy file size of the HTML documents used during particular website development venture is one of the foremost reasons to slow down the downloading time of your webpage.
  • File size of other elements used during website design like graphics, programming scripts, and other multimedia functions are also responsible for slowing down the websites downloading time.
  • The speed of Internet connection, server, and responsiveness of visitors’ computer also hampers the speed of the website.

These are several technical factors that may play a crucial role in diminishing the load speed of the particular website. There are certain measures to be taken up at web developer’s end during the web development process to create user-friendly web applications that load quickly. Some of these measures include:

  • Optimisation of HTML files size.
  • Optimisation of the file size of the elements used up for website application development like graphics, scripts and other multimedia elements. Thoroughly check the HTML scripts to ensure that webpage is not loaded with unwanted scripts during webpage development. Clearly define the image sizes and their container elements so that images load very fastly.
  • Use CSS script to control the functions in particular website application.
  • Nowadays web developers find it easy to use PHP script and JavaScript to cut down the file size and to cache the collated file during web application development. The files are cached, and are automatically updated when some changes are made in data during any phase of application development or website development.
  • Image jumble: Most the web developers used the idea of incorporating the low file size images during the early phases of the website development. These images were very quick in arresting the attention of the web visitor because the images with smaller file sizes loaded first in the meantime the images with large file size loaded up. This invoked the feeling of “more to come” in minds of the visitor. So web developer can use same method with much perseverance to grab the attention of the web visitor till the webpage loads fully.

These tips can be utilised completely to make your web application or website more responsive and user friendly.

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