Website Optimisation | 3 Ways to Increase Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most visited website and has quickly become a major element in many businesses Internet marketing strategy. While many businesses claim to have a presence on Facebook very few actually leverage that presence for traffic and income.

It’s a little bit like how websites started out, everyone built websites so they would have a presence and only later realized how to monetise that presence. Today by reading this article and implementing the techniques it teaches into your website optimisation you will become part of a cutting edge team of dedicated marketers looking to leverage Facebook.

Traditionally Search Engine Optimisation was the major way of generating traffic but this has now merged with social media. While SEO is still a viable method for generating traffic, as a stand alone strategy it lacks depth and long term viability. It is best to combine your Search Engine Optimisation strategy with a social media traffic strategy.

Way #1: Ask Questions

Facebook is meant to be a place where people connect, interact and engage in conversation. Turn your Facebook presence into a platform for your customers and potential customers to interact by using questions and you will quickly become a dominant player. Examples of using questions to generate traffic could be simply asking for a review or comment on an article placed on your website. When conducting SEO you regularly post new articles and now you can share this with your social audience to engage them in the content.

Way #2: Promote Hot Statuses

This is just good business, when you find a promotion, question, update that gets lots of likes or comments you should then promote it across your business. It has been proven to engage with your customers and you can now increase that engagement by promoting the status across twitter, your website and even via email.

By promoting the update across multiple platforms you will also receive inbound links to the update which in turn can help with your Search Engine Optimisation. Again you can see that social media and website optimisation go hand in hand.

Way #3: Promotions

Run special Facebook only promotions where people who like your page or engage with your product are rewarded. It’s simple psychology, humans like being rewarded for taking action, reward them well and they will not only continue to engage but also incite engagement. Get started today with integrating SEO into your online campaigns by contacting Sigma Infotech today.

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