Website Optimisation – The Missing Link

Website Optimisation is often confused with Search engine optimisation because it includes the use of Search Engine Optimisation techniques. But Website Optimisation is more holistic strategy applied by professional Internet Marketers and will achieve not only great traffic results but also a better user experience.

For example, have you ever visited a graphically appealing site but the load time of the site is so slow that you leave the site? This can be frustrating as a visitor as you really want to see the site but it loads so slow you cant afford the time to wait for the loading. Website Optimisation focuses on ensuring your site is not only coded search engine friendly but also user friendly.

This is a significant distinction, let me state it again:

Website Optimisation Focuses On Ensuring Your Site Is Not Only Coded Search Engine Friendly But Also User Friendly!

The combination of a search engine friendly website and user friendly website will lead to more visitors and more sales for your company. Sigma InfoTech is unique as our Search Engine Optimisation specialists are also highly trained Website Optimisation experts.

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As the Internet becomes more competitive load time and website speed will become a major factor in the long time success of businesses. Visitors are often browsing the Internet during break times and have a very limited amount of time to make a decision to stay or go.

In a recent study conducted by a well-respected Internet research company, a site that has undergone “website optimisation” will have a lower bounce rate than a site that has undergone “search engine optimisation”. This means the visitors are more likely to stay on the website and therefore spend money with the company.

An expert website optimisation strategy combines, website design, Search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and speed testing. It is more of a overall view of the site and its objectives rather than just a specific search engine view. Consult with Sigma InfoTech’s specialist team today to have an overall strategy designed for your site:

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Website Optimisation as well as decreasing load speed and increasing search engine rankings can also lead to server cost saving. During the process of website optimisation images, videos and server files will all be streamlined to increase the load speed.

The more streamlined files will mean a lower strain on your server and therefore lower costs in both bandwidth and file storage. Unfortunately many website owners are not aware of these cost saving, conversion increasing, search engine friendly measures you can easily implement.

Sigma InfoTech specifically train their team to ensure that all sites designed follow basic and advanced website optimisation strategies. To discuss how you can have your current site website optimised all you need to do is claim a FREE consultation:

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The best way to ensure your site is “website optimisied” is to ensure that you hire professionals who have experience in building optimised sites. Generally most designers and developers don’t worry about website optimisation principles as it takes extra coding effort and time.

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